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Dual Diagnosis Treatment Center Marketing

Sometimes treating a patient for addiction or a psychiatric disorder doesn’t work because both problems are present and require treatment. Dual-diagnosis treatment centers like yours are doing a great job of treating patients with more than one disorder, but how do you go about finding those patients? Chances are they’re researching dual-diagnosis treatment centers online. Not showing up on the first pages of Google? Don’t worry. We can help.

We specialize in marketing specifically for dual-diagnosis treatment centers like yours. Patients who have a substance abuse problem coupled with a psychiatric disorder (depression, anxiety, anorexia, etc.) make up a highly specific customer base. Our approach involves treatment-specific SEO (search engine optimization) and PPC (pay-per-click) advertising. Using these methods, we deliver results and have a proven track record of helping to grow your treatment center.

A Google search for “dual diagnosis treatment center” turns up more than 6 million results. Yours is in there somewhere, sure, but is it on page one? If not, potential patients probably aren’t going to click on your website and come to your treatment center. We can get you to page one so that anyone seeking help will be sure to see your website. We want to make it easy. After all, it shouldn’t be difficult for dual-diagnosis patients to find the best help.

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    Whether through paid or organic results – or both – we want your facility to become the number one resource in your area for dual-diagnosis treatment. Instead of wasting your time and money with companies that over-promise and under-deliver, let us build a custom marketing plan for you.

    How Marketing Can Help

    Most people looking for help for their addiction and psychiatric disorders will be doing a web search to gather information about different treatment centers. Making sure yours is one of the ones they check out is crucial in generating new customers and growing your business.

    Many treatment centers either don’t use SEO and PPC or they use tactics that don’t work – because marketing is hard! It takes a lot of time and effort. When you’re trying to help those with substance abuse and psychiatric disorders, you just don’t have the time to put in to managing search engine traffic. We’ll do that work for you so you can focus on treating those in need.

    Dual Diagnosis Marketing Solutions

    We know anyone searching for a dual-diagnosis rehab facility online has a very specific intent – they need your services right away. That’s why we individualize our treatment center SEO and PPC for each facility we work with. We will generate leads for you so you can help more people and grow your business.

    We do our research for every one of our clients before creating compelling, relevant content that will sell your facility well to both search engines and patients. Taking the time to write this highly specified and keyword-optimized content makes a big difference in marketing. So do proper website formatting, relevant ads, and self-promotion. These all combine to make your treatment center more recognizable.

    Give us a call or fill out our quick message form. We want to help your online presence grow.