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    Funnel Boost Media featured on Market Watch
    Funnel Boost Media featured on Market Watch

    Why’s local SEO important?

    You'll Get Trackable And Measurable Results With Local Search Engine Optimization

    Local search optimization offers a trackable strategy. This means that you will always know how your campaign is performing. You can monitor the performance of your SEO campaign with platforms like Google Analytics and other website analytics platforms, enabling you to make adjustments that could improve your campaign’s effectiveness. Our services allow you to track, analyze, and scale your campaign over time.

    Ranking In The Top 3 Google Business Results

    Ranking on the first page of search engines is essential for local businesses. Local SEO will allow you to rank on page one for your city’s search results–which can increase your organic rankings and provide additional SERP real estate. Map packs appear in the top search results, meaning customers will see your business first. 

    Increase Traffic To Your Website

    A local SEO company will boost your website traffic with increased visibility on search engine results pages. A GMB profile will allow users to see the great reviews you have received from customers in the past, and provide easy access for them to visit your website. You can expect more website traffic by making it easy for people to discover your business online.

    Gain An Edge Over Your Competitors

    If your competition isn’t claiming their Google Business Profile, then they’re not included in your city’s top business results. Not sure if you’ve claimed your business listing? We’ll take care of that for you so you can get ahead of your competitors.

    Choose An Agency That Ranks

    One that can help you grow

    qualities of a great SEO company:

    Select An Agency That Ranks

    You should research local search optimization companies to ensure they are delivering the best services. Are they ranked for local search results? If not, it’s likely that they won’t help your business reach the top of local searches either. Search for top SEO companies near your location and add them to your shortlist. The SEO company you choose should deliver results, especially when it comes to local businesses.

    Seek Transparency In Pricing

    The best SEO companies also publish pricing information for their local SEO services. We want our clients to be able to see exactly what they will receive and how much they will pay for our marketing services. We offer transparent pricing for our services. Potential clients can easily compare their options online and select the best SEO company for their business. Have questions about our local SEO pricing? Our strategists are happy to assist you at 888-256-9484.

    Reviews & Testimonials That Display Performance

    Local SEO companies publish testimonials and reviews. You should read them before you sign on the dotted line. Reviews and testimonials are powerful social proof that give you an inside view of the results that a company has achieved for clients. Although no company is perfect, it’s a good sign to consider moving on if there are several bad reviews or testimonials about an SEO agency. Clients who are happy with the work of an agency can be a good sign that they will be able to take your local business to new heights. Funnel Boost Media has hundreds of testimonials written and recorded by satisfied clients. You can see the testimonials of our clients to find out what they think about their local SEO experience with Funnel Boost Media.

    How we manage your Search Engine Marketing

    customized local Search Engine Optimization

    Funnel Boost Media understands that every business is different and unique. This means every business has a different goal, audience, and a different budget.

    We want to make it easy for all businesses to receive the local SEO campaigns they need. We offer the ability to personalize your SEO plan according to your goals and number of business locations.

    benefits of Local Search Marketing

    Local Keyword Research

    Keyword research is a crucial part of any search optimization campaign. Knowing which keywords are most relevant to your industry and which search terms your target audience uses are essential for success. You also need to find out which keywords your competitors are targeting. Local keywords are a key element of a local SEO campaign. Local keywords are those that include your city, town, or state name at the front of one of your services. This will allow you to rank for search terms within your area. Every package at Funnel Boost Media includes local keyword research.

    Google My Business is one of the best tools for local search engine optimization. It will be harder for your business to appear on search engine results pages for local results if you don’t have a profile. Users who search for a keyword related to your business on Google will see a lot of useful information about your business when you have a GMB account. Potential customers are more likely to visit your storefront if this information is readily available through GMB listings. All information from your GMB profile will be displayed in a tidy, compact information card that is easy to use for anyone who wants to visit your business. We will not only fill in the essential information when we create your GMB profile, but we’ll also add any multimedia and photos you supply to your GMB profile. 

    On-page SEO For Your Website

    While you might be familiar with local SEO services, what about on-page SEO?

    SEO is a complex strategy that involves many moving parts. On-page, off-page, and local SEO are all parts of a comprehensive strategy that can help your business reach its full potential. On-page SEO is no different. It has its own techniques just like local SEO. These on-page SEO strategies can help your local business rank higher within search results.

    • Keyword optimization: We have already mentioned that keyword research is essential for any business. This helps you rank for the terms that are most relevant to your services, which in turn helps you attract more customers to your store. On-page SEO is a process that ensures you have many relevant keywords on your website pages.
    • Beneficial and informative content: You may have heard that content is king. Your website pages will not rank if they don’t have quality content that Google deems relevant. Google will rank your website pages highly if you create and implement informative, useful content.
    • Interesting page titles containing your target keyword: When users search for you on any search engine, the first thing they see is your title tag. It’s unlikely you’ll get any clicks to your site if your title tag does not include your keyword, is dull, or doesn’t grab users’ attention.
    • Include alt tags for all your photos: Google is smart, but not smart enough that it can see what you are looking at and determine an image’s contents. Alt tags are the solution. Google uses alt tags to describe your images and to determine if they are a useful addition to the page. 
    • Regular content updates: Google wants to have new pages rank regularly so it is important to keep your content up-to-date. Google loves new content and it is a great idea to include a blog on your website.

    Dedicated Account Management

    Your account representative will begin by learning more about you and your business. What number of locations do you currently manage? Do you plan to expand? We will also ask questions about your business to help us understand what we are marketing. We’d like to know about your target audience and where you live (does it ship internationally?). We also want to know how long you have been in business. We’ll look at your competitors to see how they market their businesses to make sure you stand out from the pack. We will also ask questions about any other marketing strategies you are using such as email newsletters, social media marketing, and traditional marketing techniques. It’s fine if you don’t do any marketing at the moment.

    Funnel Boost Media is a marketing agency that offers full services. We can help you with more than just local SEO.

    Monthly Reporting

    Local search engine optimization is all about increasing website traffic. We will provide ongoing traffic reports to ensure your campaign is moving in the right direction.

    FAQs about local SEO

    Want to know more about SEO services in your area? Here are some FAQs we receive.
    What are local SEO services?

    Local SEO services are marketing solutions that assist businesses in appearing in search results for local searches. These services can be used to help users find businesses in their immediate vicinity. Local SEO services can help a pizza shop rank in search results for “pizza near me”, which is a query that’s used by nearby users.

    How much does local SEO cost?

    Pricing for local SEO services depends on many factors such as the number of locations and the agency itself. Businesses investing in local SEO typically pay $1,500-$3,000 per month. Request a customized quote to get a more precise local SEO price.