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Search Engine Talk: How Do Your Local Customers Find You?

May 12, 2017
Ryan Duncan
Looking for a mechanic, restaurant or dentist in your local area? Then, chances are, you’ll use a search engine to find those local businesses. And, there’s data to prove it. A Local Search Association (LSA) survey of internet users in...
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5 Tips to Improve Local SEO Overnight

May 2, 2017
Michael Gudowski
What is local SEO? If you do a Google search for a specific type of business, such as a “burger joint” using a mobile device. You’ll find that the top search results will be of local burger places, right near...
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Recent Google Algorithm Changes Causing Major Traffic Losses

April 9, 2017
Ryan Duncan
Website owners are buzzing around, trying to right their wrongs with Google. It appears that another Google algorithm or ranking update occurred, once again, without notice. The SEO underground world is sharing all sorts of dreadful stories of dropped rankings,...
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Marketing Trends that Will Take Over in 2017

March 28, 2017
Ryan Duncan
2016 brought plenty of new innovations in the way of online marketing, skyrocketing the number of opportunities for businesses to increase their web presence. The industry didn’t stop there, however. 2017 has also opened the doors for a new wave...
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Various Forms of Online Marketing

March 11, 2017
Ryan Duncan
If you’d like to grow your online business through a variety of online platforms, rest assured – there are options galore! To get the most out of any online marketing, you will require the savviness of a knowledgeable expert. To...
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