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What are the Advantages of Getting Google Reviews for Your Business?

November 2, 2017
Michael Gudowski
Google reviews are simply a FREE method to advertise your business in your local community. People do not always trust conventional ads because they are paid for and written by professional copywriters. Therefore, they aren’t very reliable. But, people trust...
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Attract the Right Customers at the Right Time with Local PPC

October 27, 2017
Ryan Duncan
One of the more popular forms of marketing that is guaranteed to be easier than SEO is Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising. This is an approach that places your website front and center to reach thousands of potential customers. The downside to...
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SEO Cleanup: Is It Time for a Site Audit?

October 11, 2017
Ryan Duncan
To keep your website well positioned and in good standing on search engines, you need proper maintenance. You can’t just build a website and let it sit there thinking people will find you. That just isn’t enough to keep you...
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How to Spruce Up Your Online Store This Fall

September 16, 2017
Ryan Duncan
Did you think fall was just about back to school and home improvement? Think again. Fall is also a wonderful time to spruce up your website as well. Check out these tips for making your e-commerce site autumn ready. Make...
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DIY: How To Recover From The Google Fred Update

September 12, 2017
Ryan Duncan
Every so often, Google updates its algorithm so that only certain types of websites are included in its search results. It is a user-focused search engine, after all, and every time websites get a little too savvy with SEO optimization...
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