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    Local Web Hosting and Site Management

    It’s easy to see when a site is well made; design and layout are all very visual aspects of websites. It’s much harder to see the backend processes that enable the website to stay up and running on the internet. These processes are all dependent on your hosting provider. What type of server is a good fit for your business? Do you know the difference between them? How many computing resources will your website use up on an average day? How much bandwidth do you need?

    Doing this research on your own can be confusing and time-consuming. That’s why we offer our clients the option of doing the work for them. We provide a full-service A-Z when it comes to building a digital presence for your business. We’ll get you started with a fully-built website that’s designed to convert leads, and we’ll also take care of getting it up and running on the internet for you, all bundled in with continuous site maintence.

    Hosting Catered To You

    We offer three different types of hosting packages so you only buy the resources you need. Let us take care of the minutia of the computing resources you’ll average for your type of website. Each of our hosting packages offers the right solution for every client, big or small, and comes equipped with basic features to help your website succeed. We won’t upsell you to the next package just so you can get regular site backups. Contact us today to see if you can get a better deal on hosting with Funnel Boost Media.

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    Hassle Free Web Hosting

    Your website’s design is updated and primed for lead conversion. It’s new, modern, and built using current technologies, but has any consideration been taken into where it will live on the internet? Hosting is one of the most important and least thought-of aspects surrounding the process of improving your digital presence for your business on the web. You’ve turned to our marketing experts to create or refresh your website and rank on search engines, now turn to us to handle the rest. We know what makes your site tick and how many resources it will need to use to run at its best. We’ll handle selecting the package and walk you through why it’s the best fit, and we’ll even bundle in recurring maintenance for any changes or growth you have in your business. Keep your digital presence up to date and contact Funnel Boost Media today.