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    Better Managed PPC Campaigns

    Pay-per-click (PPC) management is the process of buying a customer from a search engine with an advertisement directed towards your company’s landing page. If implemented correctly, your site should begin buzzing with new business, funneling in an excellent return for the advertisement cost.

    This kind of project management in the wrong hands can create an incompetent pay-per-click campaign that could cost your company thousands of dollars and generate very few leads. The rise of these so called “PPC experts” has given the true online marketers a bad name. Unfortunately, this is why many local companies think pay-per-click campaigns don’t work. The truth is, when you have an experienced marketing company handling your PPC campaigns, your marketing efforts are nearly turn key. We optimize campaigns on a monthly and even weekly basis to maintain the biggest bang for your buck, generating your company more local leads each month.

    By placing your local PPC campaign in the right hands, you can poise your website to make a nice return on your investment, taking advantage of the most valuable target market — local customers who are looking for you. Quit wasting your time and money with advertising that goes in front of people not interested in seeing what you have to offer. Pay-per-click makes it possible to stand out at the top of the search engine only for those local searchers who typed in something your company does/sells.

    PPC Management
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    Understanding the search engines is fundamental when creating a local PPC campaign. Paying to be on the first page of these search engines can create a sense that this job is easy, but it’s actually a lot more complicated than it seems. Behind the scenes of every PPC campaign is keyword research, conversion optimization, quality scores, and text-ad displays that catch the attention of searchers. PPC requires a strategic kind of art form in which our experts are able to optimize your campaign into an efficient machine that converts local traffic on a regular basis.

    Funnel Boost Media has the experience and skill sets needed to develop this kind of campaign for any local company looking to generate more leads. Whether you run a moving company, law firm, home improvement company, or other local business, our team has helped many small and large national companies reach their marketing goals through the power of pay-per-click advertising. PPC can work well by itself or in conjunction with an SEO plan to dominate the front page of the search engines in multiple positions. Searchers tend to focus on the higher placements in the search engines, and by controlling these positions you can blow your competition out of the water, dominating the local landscape.

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    Properly configured google advertising campaigns are great sources of quality traffic for business owners. The best strategy is to guarantee the ideal keyword targeting, audiences picks, unwanted keywords, conversion monitoring and reporting applications are set up in your website before running advertisements. Our in-house google advertising pros will go through your current campaigns to reduce wasted ad spending and enhance conversion rates, or installation entirely brand new campaigns.

    Trust Funnel Boost Media as your PPC managers for your local marketing campaigns. Give us a call or submit the form today to learn how your site can take advantage of our unique local PPC strategies.

    TIP: Our pay-per-click campaign management, alongside some custom landing pages, is one surefire way to increase local calls and leads. Let us custom design and manage your pay-per-click machine to take over your industry and show you the true potential of local internet marketing.