Landing Pages

So your company’s site is getting a ton of traffic… what does your conversion rate look like? After all, the main purpose of a company website is to convert online traffic into real world clients. A weak or below-par conversion ratio can hint to sloppy or ill-designed landing pages. This means your business is missing out on a valuable chunk of the market. Whether you are receiving website traffic from billboards, search engine optimization, ppc campaigns, flyers, mailers, social media, or anything else, your pages can be individually optimized to return more phone calls, sign-ups, and business.

Every business talks with their prospects in a different way. Our team at Funnel Boost Media understands this. We work closely with your business to ensure we are keeping your pages in good spirits and embodying the culture of the company. By remaining true to your company’s core values our team can assemble unique landing pages that are geared around the customer you’d like to capture while remaining as natural as possible.

Placing a call to action on your landing page isn’t enough in this day and age. Web pages have polluted the internet with captivating, interactive content. If your website doesn’t stand out from the clutter your website traffic will pass through to your competition. It is important that your landing page captures the attention of your viewers in a maximum of five seconds. Offer engaging or unique content that captures your audiences attention, leading to a conversion.

Fortunately, our team of web content strategists are not just what their title describe them as. We have unique skill sets that include website development and graphic design experience. This combination of expertise makes for a powerful company creative that converts website traffic 24/7. Call or sign-up today for a free landing page diagnoses and consultation.