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The online marketing funnel is no different from most marketing conversion funnels. The traditional marketing funnel is transposed into the online marketing world with only one major change. The power of inbound search engine and social media marketing has the ability to significantly increase conversion rates throughout the funnel’s stages.

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Since these website visitors searched for you, they are already interested in what your company has to offer. This pushes them through the “awareness” and “interested” phases of the marketing funnel and straight into the “evaluation” stage. Making sure your online marketing campaign is set up for success starts with this stage. The website design of your company site/landing page must be appealing and easy to use, full of reviews and product/service information, and have an easy way to contact you.

That’s what we do here at Funnel Boost Media. We stretch the traditional marketing funnel to work for online marketing campaigns, boosting the amount of leads you would normally receive through conversion rate optimization and stellar inbound marketing techniques. We’ve brought millions of dollars to local businesses through our internet marketing efforts and are ready to make the funnel work for you too. Sign up for a free online marketing consultation and learn how you can begin to convert more website visitors.

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