5 Rules for a Quality Backlink Campaign in 2018

To increase the number of backlinks pointing to your website, you have to up your game on SEO techniques. 2018 is the year where local SEO competitions are heating up.  

5 Tips to Get Your 2018 SEO in Gear 

You have to enjoy the sweet fruits of high visibility for local searches on different search engines. This can only be achieved when you raise your SEO game through the five rules below: 

1. Capture Your Space on All Local Business Directories 

Be aware that any consumer choosing a local business will in most cases rely on online searches. You have a lot to gain when you claim your local business listings on online platforms. Gain an advantage before the local SEO search space is saturated by doing the following: 

  • Your local business should be listed in top business directories 
  • Complete your business profile 
  • Create your listings on commerce websites or local newspapers 
  • Your business’ name, address and phone number should be consistent 

2. Leverage the Power of Local Link Building 

There is a big difference between link building for local SEO and link building for general purposes. Relationships for local businesses reflect in Google’s search algorithm for local SEO.  

Getting local backlinks cannot be attained while sitting in your comfort zone. You have to take your marketing to higher levels through the following suggestions: 

  • Grab local sponsorship opportunities 
  • Organize a donation drive 
  • Any local community events should not pass you by 
  • Get involved with local business websites and blogs 
  • Be active on local newsgroups and portals 
  • Search for creative low-cost advertisements on local classifieds 

3. Measure Your Store Branding Campaigns for Better Returns 

Get involved in any kind of local events, giveaway and community efforts you can engage in. Your aim should be getting local mentions for your business. 

It can be expensive, especially for local businesses only getting started with SEO. But it is a worthy step to take. Brands gain a lot from local retail store process automation and reporting tools. 

4. Focus oLocal Reviews and Ratings 

For you to benefit from local SEO ratings, have your mind set on getting reviews on your Google My Business page, Facebook business page and Yelp.  

Whenever your brand is mentioned online, use social media tool to be alerted. Take any opportunity to request users to leave reviews. 

5. Use a Local Structured Data Markup 

Google likes websites that use structured data. It offers pretty useful tools to help you tweak your SEO. Take advantage of these tools, because only less than 1/3 of websites use structured data properly. 

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