How to Write Google Review

Ryan Duncan

Log into your Google Account

In order to write a review on Google, you need a google account. From the homepage of google, select the sign in button on the top right corner and sign in with your email/username and password.
If you don’t have a Google account, click create account and create one

Log Into Google Account

Search for the place or business

To write a review, you first need to find the business or place on google.
Just search for them either through Google Maps, Google Search, Google +, ect.
Write a Review Link

Once you have found the business or place, click the Write a Review link.
For searches on Google Search, this will be on the sidebar of the search.

Write a review

 Give the location a Star rating

Google reviews have 2 parts. The first part part will be a star rating which will be averaged with other star reviews from other reviewers.
You can give a star rating from 1 (“Bad Experience”) to 5 (“Great Experince”)
Share Details of Your Own Experience

In this section you can write a written review. Use this space to critique your experience with the location.
Make sure to write a comprehensive and useful review.
Write a review
Add a Photo to Your Review

Selecting the camera + button will let you add a photo of your experience. Just drag and drop your photos to have them uploaded to the review page of the establishment.
Share Photo


Post your Review

Once you are finished writing your review, click the Post link at the bottom of the popup.
Your review will have your name and your review for anyone to see.
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