Why Your Company Needs A Responsive Website Design

girl surfing web on phoneAre your customers and readers viewing your website on a mobile device?

You bet.

The amount of people that view online content on tablets, small laptops and smartphones is drastically increasing. Customers do their shopping and reading while on public transportation, while walking to work and while sitting at home watching TV.

These devices deliver your content in different formats and sizes, making it important for you to understand how people see your content when they switch to different devices.

Why exactly do you need responsive design for your website?


Picture Formatting

If you plan on posting images to your website you need to make sure your customers can view them properly when on tablets and phones. Photos usually take a significant amount of time to download in a browser depending on the size of the photo. A responsive website design reformats the images so that people can see the photos clearly on different devices. It shrinks them down enough so they download quickly on the device and so that people can see the entire photo instead of scrolling around to view it.



If your website is not responsive it keeps people from clicking on call to action links. These links show up small and hidden when viewed on a tablet or phone. A responsive website increases the size of the links and highlights them properly so people can view them and click them. Viewable links are your key to making sales. If someone can’t find your links in the middle of a bunch of text, they are not going to click on something to purchase it.



Your blog and marketing content shows customers how to complete various tasks relating to your product or service. This content works well for search engine optimization, but search engines ding your rating if people can’t properly view the content on mobile devices. A responsive website reformats the text on your website and blog so that everything is on the screen. Your customers should not have to scroll to the right or left to view more content. They also shouldn’t have to zoom in to view the content. Responsive websites increase the font size so clients can clearly read your text and select a product or service if needed.



Making your pages rank on Google search can be another diffuctly you face. A local SEO company can help optimize your websites ranking using keywords and links. Make sure your contact page is viewable and interactive with a responsive website. Contact forms contain fields that force people to click and type in their information. If someone has trouble clicking on a tiny field to type in their name or email they will move on and not come back to your site.


Why else do you need a responsive website? Let us know in the comments how you use your mobile devices to browse the internet.

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