What Is An Internet Marketing Funnel?

shutterstock_75620149At its most basic definition, an internet marketing funnel is a type of marketing strategy. It’s called a funnel because there is a constant inflow (or funneling) of leads until a connection is established with the user. Much like a literal funnel, an internet marketing funnel goes from large to small. It first takes a large amount of potential customers to your website, encourages them to sign up for your list with services or products they find valuable. Then, for the final step, the funnel converts them into paying customers.

Internet marketing funnels, while not particularly complex in theory, can be rather tricky to fully understand and incorporate into your own business. It is much more than one or two processes at work. Instead, numerous processes need to be functioning correctly and together so that the entire machine works perfectly. When set up correctly, leads can be found, communicated with, and converted into customers.

Creating an internet marketing funnel

To create a funnel, you first need to plan it out. Create trustworthy content for your website.  If your website includes things like product reviews, articles, blog posts, newsletters, and other content of the sort, your business becomes more believable and seemingly loyal. This makes the potential client feel more sympathetic and interested in it.

You next need to look into what kind of lead capturing software or programming you are going to utilize for your internet marketing funnel. You can do this by either outsourcing this step to a company with expertise in creating lead capture landing pages, or finding a way to program it into your website yourself. This step will encourage potential customers to sign up with their name and email address so you can supply them with more valuable information.

Consider the details

You should make some clear decisions about how you are going to grab the attention of potential customers. Think about your target audience and their dreams, desires, lifestyles, and interests. Think about what kind of product or service they will want in order to sign up. It has to be something they value or they simply won’t do it.

You also need to make sure that you have a final goal in mind — what are the goals of your lead generation? Do you want to encourage further contact with these potential customers? Do you want to get them to visit your website once per day? You need to define exactly what you want to come out of the internet marketing funnel that you are about to create.

Once you have all of this information planned out, you can begin actually creating the internet marketing funnel itself. Once it is completed, measure and tweak your system until you get the results you need.

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