What Does Your Blog Have to Do with Your Business?

shutterstock_228002860There are many businesses who are just starting to look into the benefits that having a blog can have for their business. Plenty of other businesses will maintain that blogs are not very useful; perhaps they will even say they are a waste of time. The reality, however, is that these businesses are very wrong. Blogs can have an enormous effect on your business and marketing; read on to find out how exactly it can help your business thrive.

Website traffic

The key point to think about with regards to people visiting your website is how they get there in the first place. Is it likely that they will just type in your business name into a search engine? Will they visit your website simply by typing in the entire website address into the browser? The people who are already doing that are already probably visiting your website fairly often, or at least, they won’t be encouraged to visit any more than they already are.

Some businesses opt for buying email lists and bombarding those people with emails in hopes that a couple might click on the links. This is, however, expensive, unethical, and even illegal. Another legal option is to pay for advertisements, which is a pricey method that requires you to continuously have money to pay for the ads.

If you have blog posts, they are adding some indexed pages to your website. The more indexed pages, the more likely your website is to pop up in a Google (or another search engine) search. This, in turn, leads to increased traffic.

Blogging also helps with social media connections, which is one of the best ways to advertise via word of mouth. A blog post means an opportunity for people to click the “share” button — and that means reaching wider audiences and gaining more traffic with minimal effort on your part.

Blogs establish your authority

The more website content you have that directly applies to your target demographic, the more likely they are to see you as a type of authority on the subject or industry. If your blog post was helpful to a potential customer and the same writer of the post was selling a product, the chances of that customer buying a product from you increases. The more helpful you are to the customers, the more they will trust what you say — and we all know that with trust comes sales.

The gift that keeps on giving

One blog post, although it likely will start off with a large number of views and leads that will die down over time, causes your website to pop up in search engines for virtually forever. More contacts will be generated from previous posts than new ones. In fact, the older the post, the more leads it will generate over time. You put in one hour of blogging effort and you receive years of benefits for it. Blogging is truly the gift that keeps on giving for businesses.

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