Website Development and its Significance

shutterstock_131753612Website development used to only be about text, but now sites are constructed frequently by professional web design houses with expert teams including graphics artists, search engine geeks, usability pros, accessibility and database specialists. They all collaborate to maintain and produce websites that handle an annual revenue of millions of dollars.


Overview of Development

Populating a templated website or purchasing some off-the-shelf site is not always the best choice. There is a lot of involvement for a professional web presence and it includes several site revisions, and development phases, during, before and after it goes live. You need to gauge the size of the site in the first meeting with a developer and understand your principal objectives. The model and the market strength is identified with the assistance of search engine and promotional strategies to measure potential success.

A decision is made to offer the clients a content management system, and this is done to update the site areas by them or is done by hiring someone experienced to offer the content. One good example is an eCommerce site featuring an administration back-end with updated product lines or a CMS may include one interface to change offers, promotional content and news features.


Project Documentation

Documentation is a must to describe the objectives and goals for a website. This must be ready even before the first meeting. It may be a simple invitation outlining the scope of the project or may be specifications highlighting the detailed requirements. Conversely, it is the duty of the developer to recognize the need and to embrace the content, value the meeting and offer an interpretation. The document should identify responsibilities and identify the players of the project against deliverables.

A draft is done detailing functional specifications such as the requirements to be achieved and its supportive mechanisms. This is a detailed document revealing all the pages of the site, showing the purpose clearly for public consumption. It is visible to the site management staff. Smaller ventures may find such documentation to be inappropriate, but longer projects are sure to benefit greatly.


Site Representation

A site representation is not that essential for smaller projects, but it is mandatory for larger enterprises featuring multilevel menus as well as complex navigational structures that demand inter-site linking. Programs that exist can be shown through flow-charting diagrams to help the developer visualize the structure and layout at a detailed level.

In identifying target aspirations, the developer will produce the website’s wire-frame model, a site map detailing navigation, functionality and content placement. The wire-frame sophistication is based on the site complexity and may vary. The simpler sites will know the functionality better and even subsequent adjustments required may be done until the design meets functional and usability requirements. Funnel Boost Media is a local SEO company that can help fully optimize your site and it’s local SEO needs to fit your target.

A San Antonio developer works on delivering the draft and the client concentrates on the site content.

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