How Website Design is Shaping the Country

web design shaping country and worldDoes your company currently have a website? Does it look like it’s from the 1990s?

Can customers easily find your products or services before they give up and move onto something more productive online?

Web design is becoming more and more prevalent for businesses of all sizes. Young entrepreneurs need to spark interest in potential customers to sell their revolutionary new product. They need a credible website that displays their product or service in a respectable fashion. Experienced small business owners and even heads of major corporations often lack man power or connection with their customers to realize that they are broadcasting a poorly designed website.

Ecommerce sites fail because the customers cannot get to the product they want to buy quick enough. Blogs and small business websites fail because the text is hard to read or the viewers cannot find valuable information quick enough.

So how is web design shaping the country?


Only the strong survive

The United States is fueled by small businesses fighting to gain a significant market share. Hundreds of small businesses fail every year because they are not the only businesses that offer similar products or services. They lose to competitors because the competitors had something they did not. The American small businesses that fall out of the race first are those that have a poorly designed website. Unless your product or service is revolutionary, then you have no chance of competing with other companies that offer similar options. Companies with a lack of web presence are not relevant anymore.


Connecting customers to upper management

High-quality web design provides various ways for customers to contact companies, including people in upper management. Websites include support phone numbers, instant chat areas, forums, email forms and even webcams to speak directly with a representative. This makes customers assume the same kind of customer service from every company they interact with. If a customer works with a company that does not offer an easily accessible email form, they will move onto another competitor. This also means that customers have direct access to people in upper management. A savvy website designer makes sure social media links are prevalent on a company website. Users expect quick responses on social media accounts and they know that they are typically speaking with someone of influence from the company, particularly with small businesses.


People trust sleek

A sleek design is important for customers of all age ranges. If an internet user stumbles upon your website, and it looks like a website built ten or twenty years ago, the customer will question your company’s credibility. Need help making your website more easily navigable? Funnel Boost Media, a local SEO company can assist your business with all it’s digital marketing needs like web design.

How has web design changed your outlook on the business world? Has your web design affected your business in anyway? Let us know in the comments.

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