Unique Ways To Improve Your SEO

Ryan Duncan

shutterstock_243697228Search engine optimization is one of those things that most people don’t know much about. You create a website to sell your products or services, but the success of that website completely depends on how many people can find the company when searching on Google or other search engines. If your company doesn’t show up on the first page of Google for relevant keywords and you can’t expect to sell many products. People don’t look at phone books anymore, and billboards are an inexpensive way to reach out to numerous people, most of which are not interested in purchasing from you.

Let’s explore some unique ways that you can improve your search engine optimization with just a few clicks.

Optimize Your Images

If you plan on targeting a certain keyword then there is one small technique that you can use to separate yourself from the competition. Most companies focus on putting keywords and content. They do the research and see which keywords are being searched the most on search engine optimization tools, but they might neglect the fact that search engines also look at images when deciding ranking. When you save an image include the keyword in the filename so that search engines can recognize it. You can also change the alternative text for that image so that the search engine can see what the image relates to.

Make an Attempt to Increase Internal Links

Everyone seems to put most of their focus on incoming links from reputable websites when it comes to search engine optimization. Another way you can keep people on your site longer and trigger search engines is to link to other content to that is on your website. Make sure this content is relevant so that when someone is reading a article they can quickly move on to another article that might explain a topic further.

Format Your Content Properly

Search engine optimization is often more about user experience than it is about focusing particular keywords. When you format your content so that people can read it easily you have a better chance of moving to the top of search engines. When your content is formatted with bullet points, headers and bolded words that makes it easier for people to scan through and absorb information. Search engines notice that people are reading more of your content, and that therefore improves your search engine optimization.

Drop a line in the comments section below to let us know how you have improve your search engine optimization. Share your thoughts on common search engine optimization tactics, and let us know if you would add anything else to this list that might help other business owners and entrepreneurs were looking to improve their search engine optimization.


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