Three Twitter Tips for Small Business Owners

If you are a small business owner and you have figured out that your business needs a social media campaign, more then just posting something everyday, perhaps it is time to move up to some more advanced methods. You are tweeting appropriately and your Facebook business page is getting new likes every day. So what can you do to boost up your efforts and to take the next step to improving your social media presence? It is not always enough to do the bare minimum when it comes to social media networking and you have to go the extra step in order make your Twitter presence known. The following are three tips for small business owners when marketing on Twitter.

Don’t Tweet Without Having Conversations with Your Followers

If you are tweeting and then closing your Twitter down without waiting for responses or feedback from your followers you are missing out on a great opportunity. The more your Twitter followers feel like they can connect to you the more likely they will remain a loyal customer. Most businesses dabble in buying Twitter followers in small amounts to increase their credibility. Although this has no harm it doesn’t work with building a following or user engagement, which is what a social media campaign is all about. So when making tweets you should leave your twitter open on your mobile device or on your computer at work so you can instantly engage with your followers.

Your Followers May Not Always Use Your Handle

Not everyone who is on Twitter is a savvy as you may be and they may not understand that they have to use the @ sign when mentioning your company. This is considered your Twitter handle and when there is a mention of your business name without this sign it is not coming back in your queries. So when you are looking to see how well your business is doing with retweets and mentions, you have to also search for your handle without the @ sign too. Some people may mention you without by tweeting that they bought your product and loved it. You need to find these instances and retweet them so you get the handle properly shown on not only your newsfeed but that of your followers too.

Don’t Rely Only on Business Tweets

Yes you want to tweet mainly about your business but you can also make your tweets more personal by talking about things you are doing outside of your company. If you are attending a charity event make sure you let your followers know so they have the choice to donate if they want. Show your employees enjoying themselves at the company picnic or Christmas party to get even more personal. Of course, when taking these types of photos you should always let your employees know and decide if they want the photo posted. Most won’t mind and it can really make your list of followers grow on Twitter. If you have any questions or need help with your social media marketing a local SEO company, Funnel Boost Media can answer all your questions.

When small businesses are using social media such as Twitter it is important to follow up and not just make your tweets and leave the site. Always engage with your followers and don’t rely only on business tweets if you want to increase your following.


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