Twitter Marketing Advice

Digital marketing and social media are the new buzz words in today’s advertising world. But how can a business looking to connect with customers use to get started? The 140 character micro-blogging site, Twitter, is an amazing social network that will allow you as a business to keep in tune with the people that matter most. All you need to do is create an account on this social networking site and you will have all the resources to market your business. At least, that’s what everyone is saying.

The best thing about Twitter is that it is an extremely cost effective process of starting your internet marketing campaign. If you are a new entrepreneur and are facing the dilemma on generating large marketing potential with a small budget, Twitter is the way to go. Unlike Facebook, Twitter is a much simpler means of communication with the potential to go viral and spread your message to like minds. For example, on Facebook you might put up a status but there are chances that your message could be filtered through restrictions on your account or on your newsfeed, limiting the amount of views your post could reach. Twitter levels the playing field, and shows real-time posts as they come in.

If you are not using Twitter as part of your online marketing campaign, you might be making a huge mistake. As important as it is to generate new business, Twitter can help local businesses bring more repeat customers by connecting with them online. This is where Twitter marketing comes in. Through Twitter marketing, you are able to give real-time updates, trend your business and see what your potential customer is all about. Twitter can also serve as a pretext of market research which will help other aspects of future marketing campaigns for your company. The 140 characters long Twitter allows you to follow or subscribe anyone and see what they are up to. You can post links to blogs, pictures, images, videos or any other outsourced link to connect with your audience.

When starting your company on Twitter, the most important thing to remember is that your account is the base of the type of results you will get on the site. It is very important you have a proper username, which will help your potential customers identify you with. If you have a business, it is wise to use your company’s name as the username. If your business name is not available on Twitter, then think of a catchy name that is easy to remember, and won’t require many numbers or misspellings.

Next, we have to set up your profile image. The profile image is the picture that will show your identity of your company next to your posts and on your main profile. The profile image could be your company’s logo. It will tell your business’s story. Continue this trend by customizing the background of your account. By doing this, you will have created an awesome identification for your brand and encourage visitors of your profile to engage with you.

Lastly, on Twitter, it is very important to choose your followers carefully and not follow everyone you may come across. You should follow your customers, your competitors, your networks, your suppliers and contractors. You should also follow your vendors and trade organizations. Engage as your business regularly, posting specials, new merchandise/products, daily deals or something your company is doing to build itself into something bigger and better. You should tweet consistently and reply to any message received.

Have fun on the site, and use it in your offline marketing efforts as well. Attach your Twitter username on any brochures, flyers, postcards, etc to bring those who are members of the site to profile to follow you. “Follow us for 10% off any in-store purchases” is a great way to build your following. Local SEO company‘s like Funnel Boost Media offer social media management and tracking so that you can see just how much your social media efforts are paying off.


Good luck and leave any comments below!

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