Trim Fat, Scale Up – Essentials of Reporting

Let’s get over it right away; reports run the world. Reports make decisions which, in turn, affect every aspect of how our world is run. Marketing online is no different. Every website creation, promotion, or action should be guided by an interpretation of a report. This is not to say that all reports are created equal. By far, they are not. Loaded with different variables and custom reporting options, it can be easy to get lost in the data of numerous reports.

marketing pie chart lead sourcesWhen creating a web marketing campaign it is usually best to control everything in house, including the reporting. With many free and powerful reporting programs out there like Google Analytics, you can easily track all the traffic your site or promotion receives. On top of these simple tracking functions, you can dive deeper to see which web source is bringing you the most bang for your buck. I strongly advise that if you are a company using online services, that you become intimate with these reporting functions or hire a competent team that can analyze your site and marketing campaign’s performance.

Before successfully launching Funnel Boost Media, I’ve spoke with tons of website and business owners that blindly listen to outside representatives who can fabricate a nice spreadsheet. Jump outside the hard numbers and ask if they are relevant. As a human characteristic, we tend to lie, or stretch the truth about certain things to make ourselves look better. This is no different with some organizations that offer online marketing services to businesses who aren’t tech savvy. Educating yourself as a business owner about the many intricacies of online tracking and reporting is the first step in being able to take action and make decisive analysis’ on what is working for your company.

Installing reporting functionality is best implemented at the beginning of any campaign, but if your campaigns are already started, it’s always better late than never. After a few months of visitors, and collecting goal conversions, you will be able to statistically decide which source is bringing you more business per dollar spent. That’s not to say that all goal conversions are good business. More times than none, you will need to use internal company tracking of customers to determine how many of those conversions turned out to be money your company collected.

Having worked with websites that are actively receiving traffic from 12-15 marketing campaigns, it is important to know which one(s) are creating the profit. In our experience we’ve noticed that search engine optimization has returned exponential results compared with any other online service. Pay-per-click traffic can generate just as much business using a larger budget, for those promotions that need quick traffic or used side-by-side with SEO. For more online marketing insights with your local SEO company, Funnel Boost Media, follow our Twitter feed or keep in touch with us on Facebook.

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