Trends To Expect For The Rest Of 2016

shutterstock_385433683Digital marketing changes faster than you can say “Twitter.” Even though 2016 only has a few months left, there are still a few trends you can expect to see (or continue to see) happening before the start of the new year. Let’s look at some of the big ones to watch out for.

Video Advertising
You’ve already seen it all over your Facebook page and elsewhere: videos have taken over, and video advertising is the way to catch the consumers of our present day. Whether it’s on Facebook, YouTube, or elsewhere, video advertising is certainly the dominant figure in the advertising world these days. This will certainly continue to rise over the rest of 2016 — it certainly hasn’t peaked yet!

The tricky thing about video advertising is that not every strategy works perfectly for every platform. It’s still in the trial and error phase for a lot of organizations, so get in there and try out some strategies.

The Rise of Live Streaming
Social live streaming is becoming the new normal for the online world, and advertising plays no small part in that. Whether it’s Meerkat, Twitter’s Periscope, or Facebook Live, online streaming is suddenly no longer a surprise — it’s to be expected.

Mobile trumps desktop
Throughout this year we’ve seen mobile devices as the new king of the hill, and that has only continued to rise. It’s not expected to slow down anytime soon — and that means companies are going to need to take a major step in the direction of a mobile-focused approach. Of course, many companies are already ahead of the game and have responsive websites, new apps, and less emphasis on desktop marketing.

Virtual reality is getting real
We’re starting to see a realistic virtual reality trend — realistic in that it can now be afforded and enjoyed by the masses. Virtual reality has huge potential in terms of its marketing. After all, it gives companies an entire 360 degrees of branding possibilities! The end of 2016 will see the beginnings of virtual reality marketing starting to bud.

Relationships are key
Companies are starting to dedicate entirely new strategies based on establishing relationships with their consumers and online audiences. It’s all about brand loyalty. This is materialized in StickerRide, a service where a company’s target audience puts that brand’s stickers on their own car, essentially doing the marketing for them and reaching more like-minded individuals as well as plenty of people who might not be reached by traditional means. We can expect to see more creative strategies centered around building relationships with the target audience.

Social media isn’t dead
Although the basic “create a Facebook page for your company” strategy has gotten far more complicated, Facebook itself (along with other social media platforms) has not gone anywhere in popularity or usage. Facebook is ingeniously updating its site to include the newest trends and technologies, and is, therefore, something that still needs to be paid attention to by most organizations and companies. Make sure your company is staying as updated as Facebook is!

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