Top Website Trends 2015

Ryan Duncan



When it comes to website trends, we’re seeing some interesting developments in 2015. In case you haven’t noticed what they are already, we have compiled a list on what you should keep an eye out for when surfing the web.


Whether it means removing a fancy background image, reducing the amount of text, or even the number of colors or images displayed on a page, simplicity is making it big on the website layout front these days. Many website designers are favoring the idea that ‘less is more,’ and are intentionally taking out anything that is deemed by the company as unnecessary.

Custom Photography

While we will probably never stop seeing a certain amount of stock photos, custom photos are making a big hit in new website designs. A website that is considered high quality generally has its own unique photography – but these are not your simple iPhone photo type of images. Today’s websites use professional, top of the line photos that make sites look polished and unique. They might include the real faces behind the company, or people candidly using their real products. Custom photography gives 2015 websites a genuineness to them that was lacking in years past.

App-like Menus

Large Text

Visit a site today and it’s easy to see that headings are getting larger. With the increase of simple styles that highlight just a few keywords or smaller paragraphs, along with an increasing average size of desktop computer monitors, headings on websites are growing in size each year. We’re not just talking your average big letters; we mean GIGANTIC text. It’s an attention-grabbing tool that is unavoidably successful.

Faster Loading & Less Bandwidth

Perhaps even more important than any of the above visual trends is the actual performance of a website. The sizes of websites are being reduced so their bandwidth consumption is decreasing and the full site loads much more quickly. If the site doesn’t function well, no one will enjoy using it.

Part of the reason for this trend becoming so important as of late is the fact that mobile users contribute a huge percentage of page views. The tricky aspect about mobile devices is that they depend on a network connection, which is all too often a slow or poor connection. The type of device also makes a difference here – designers need to make sure their website functions well on all devices and network speeds.Funnel Boost Media is a local SEO company that can help build and fully optimize your website and it’s local SEO needs.



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