Top Online Marketing Tips of 2016

Top Online Marketing Tips of 2016Being able to tap into the vast resource that is online marketing is essential to having a successful business in 2016. Using the internet is key to putting your business’s best face forward and reaping the benefits of that reward. But how do you tap into the revenue streams generated by online marketing? Here are some of the top tips of 2016:

  • Expand past Facebook and Twitter to market your business

Make no mistake – setting up a Facebook and Twitter account for your business is the first thing that you should do to begin marketing your business on social media. The reality, however, is that social media is a vast market with many different platforms other than Facebook and Twitter.

Along with Facebook’s new feature of “Facebook Live,” there are other social media video streaming services like Periscope and Meerkat that can assist with marketing your business and expanding your imprint. Diversifying your social media accounts with platforms in addition to Facebook and Twitter and assist you with reaching a customer base that is new and looking for your product or service.

  • Don’t sleep on email marketing

An abundance of companies rely only on social media to promote their brands, but traditional email marketing campaigns are still very successful and should not be abandoned. Email marketing can be a valuable resource for communicating with current and prospective clients – utilize email marketing campaigns to target clients that have already expressed interest in your brand.

  • Tap into the power of the blog

People underestimate the power of the blog. Having a business blog is the easiest way to grow a following for your business and expand your imprint. When writing a business blog, make sure you are strategic with your content and the messages that your content is sending.

Being strategic in your content is something you should do in any marketing plans – blogging, email marketing, etc. Share your blog on Facebook and Twitter, but also tap into other resources that will assist with getting your blog out to more people. Pay attention to blog analytics and where the traffic to your blog is coming from. Taking the time to master the power of the blog can create unexpected revenue streams to your business that you would not have imagined.

  • Be careful with clickbait marketing

In another time, creating something that garnered a lot of traffic to your site that was flashy and bold was a way to drive business revenue. Now, readers are more interested in content driven posts rather than exaggerated headlines with no real connection to the link it’s going to.

  • Search engine marketing and cloud technology are your friends.

Cloud technology and search engine marketing are consistently evolving. With search engine marketing, being able to harness the power of promoting your site through search engine optimization (SEO) can get your business seen by countless people looking for products and services you offer. Cloud technology has also expanded in being an essential piece of running a business. Cloud technology can assist with many different facets of business – from housing data to marketing. Tap into these two resources and capitalize off of using them in your marketing strategy.


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