Is It Time To Revamp Your SEO Strategy?

Are you frustrated with your website not getting the exposure it deserves online? Are you having problems pushing customers through your doors are selling products through your website? This is a common problem with many small businesses and even large businesses who start seeing increased saturation in their market.

Search engine optimization is a tricky business, confusing even the best of Internet marketers. This is why it’s important to always evaluate your situation in terms of search engines such as Google, and ask yourself if it’s time to improve your search engine optimization and maybe even higher a third-party company to come in and help improve your exposure.

Let’s try to figure out if your company or brand needs to sit down and figure out a way to improve its SEO.


Are You On The First Page?

The crown jewel of search engine optimization is to be on the first page of the results. Most people who search on Google will only scroll past the first thre, four or five results. This means that you’re completely out of luck if you’re anywhere lower than this. Searcher company online and type in your location as well to figure out where you stand in terms of certain keywords. Test different keywords that relate to your business and write down where you end up in the search engines. If most of the keywords are showing up in the second page or even third page it might be time to think about improving your search engine optimization.


Your Sales Are Diminishing

Search engine optimization is directly correlated to your sales. Since the majority of business today is found by searching online if you don’t have a solid presence online and you can’t assume that your sales will improve. That being said, if you start noticing that your sales are decreasing it might be time to improve your search engine optimization this simply means that you can hire a third-party company or even improve your search engine optimization by yourself. Think about the keywords on your website and how much additional free content you have online. Do you have blog posts? Are there other websites linking to your website? This all factors in to the effectiveness of your search engine optimization. A local SEO company like Funnel Boost Media can be extremely helpful when it comes to optimizing your site to increase its online presence and ranking.


Now it’s your turn to share. Let us know in the comments section below if you are having problems with your search engine optimization are your loyal customers finding it hard to locate your information online? Our new customers looking towards other companies in area to find similar services or products? Tell us about your experience will try to help you the best we can. Your on the right path if you are at least questioning your SEO.

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