Social Media Trends for 2017

shutterstock_193013642Long gone are the days of only reaching audiences through a newspaper or a magazine. Just as we get accustomed to the World Wide Web, the giant known as social media came on the scene, bringing with it a reach that no one could have ever imagined. It is estimated that globally, 66% of adults log on to Facebook every day. With a global population or around 7 billion people, the opportunities for anyone with a prime social media brand placement are endless.

Social media did not start as an avenue to promote brands. The intent of social media was the providing a platform for people to stay in contact and interact with each other.  Few could have imagined the current marketing reach of social media. Plus, the marketing power of social media is expected to continue to grow. So how can a brand take advantage of the opportunities that social media makes available? Here are some ideas.

The Fast-Moving Train of Social Media

People are naturally social creatures. When you have a massive tool such as social media, you have the chance to integrate brand exposure just by setting up a page. The expectation in 2017 is that over 2 billion people will have access to social media platforms. How many business opportunities could that open up by having a presence for your brand on those platforms? The answer is endless.

Employees Can Share the Social Media Wealth

When a business has a social media presence, the easiest way to reach people that are not exposed to the business’s day-to-day activities is through its employees. If your social media content is engaging, you can reach more people with a simple share from someone who works for you. Also, social media profiles have become part of job searches and employment vetting, it can also be a useful tool to bring business to your brand.

Social Media Brings Real-Time Engagement to Life

People talk. That is the point of social media – to provide a platform for people to interact and share their life experience across the internet. Part of sharing life experiences is sharing both the good and bad interactions that people have with a business.

The beauty of social media, however, allows companies to address reviews at the point of post. A person can post a message on a brand’s profile page, and someone can respond in an instant. If the review is not positive, a comprehensive social media team can address the situation in a public way, providing visibility to their eagerness to solve customer’s issues and a no-nonsense approach to good customer service.

Face it – social media has taken over marketing by storm. Utilizing its immense power can push exposure of your brands to millions, offering tremendous opportunities to convert views into sales.

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