SEO Marketing Trends in 2017

Seo Marketing 2017Think you have your 2017 SEO strategy down packed? You might want to take a moment and make sure. The trends change regularly, and this year is no different.

To stay ahead of the game as a marketing professional or even an entrepreneur, you need to understand how to use various online marketing tools. SEO still remains one of the best marketing tools for keeping your business on top! In the world of business, search engine optimization is essential for a successful online presence.

Unlike what many may think, SEO is constantly changing and getting more challenging as times goes on, making it more complicated to become proficient in it. If you want to keep winning in your industry, pay attention to even the slightest shifts in SEO trends and make changes accordingly.

While there are many changes to keep your eyes on, here are three interesting SEO trends that will undoubtedly shape search engine optimization in 2017.

  1. Related keywords.

It is not necessary to repeat one keyword phrase within a post or page. Your best bet is to focus your post on the main keyword phrase by making sure it is in the title, the first paragraph, the last paragraph, and in the header image’s filename, title text, and ALT test. From there, you can come up with the related keywords that can be added to the rest of the post.

  1. More quality content and quality.

Sadly, there is an apparent lack of authentic, creative content on the internet and everyone is starting to take notice.

Some people tried resolving this issue by writing long, drawn out post that include far more detail than was necessary. This, as you can imagine, can cause you to lose quite a few viewers. Finding the perfect balance between seeing the same old content over and over again, and having to read through a painfully long article is quite the challenge. Focus, instead, on providing more valuable content with fewer words.

  1. Personal branding.

Each year, personal branding is becoming ever more popular as more entrepreneurs seek to make the names and businesses reach the masses. Almost every wealthy or successful person you meet has mastered their personal brand. Use SEO and social media to create a successful brand for your clients or businesses or seek out a branding specialist.

SEO is both science and art. However, if you pay attention to the trends, and follow a few ground rules, your web pages will be optimized for search in little to no time.

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