Search Marketing Rises As Traditional Marketing Dies

search marketing on riseThink about your company’s marketing efforts. Where are you spending money for advertisements and promotions?

Is any of your marketing money going into a well devised search marketing plan?

It should be.

Today people find what they want by opening their Google browser and typing in “coffee shop” or “sporting goods store.” If your company is not showing up in local searches then you are wasting your money on marketing efforts that have little value today.

The death of traditional marketing

Traditional marketing is declining because these markets are saturated and they lack the target marketing power of internet marketing. A TV advertisement during a late night show reaches a small amount of people because viewers are now able to watch TV On Demand and fast forward through commercials. TV watchers use DVRs to filter out the junk content they do not want to view and only sit down to watch their favorite shows with minimal commercials. Not to mention, basic cable is saturated with television channels for various different niches, making it difficult to get a large amount of people to watch your commercial. It is troubling for companies to find the perfect channel for them to air their commercials.

Billboards and flyers are falling in popularity because people are developing filters for advertisements when they walk around. Billboards and flyers are an attempt to cover a wide range of people as they pass by. Unfortunately, target marketing is more effective since you spend less money on people who are actually interested in your product. Not to mention people look at hundreds of billboards everyday while going to work or school.

The rise of search marketing

Search marketing holds prowess over traditional marketing for various reasons. Companies spend less money on search marketing to target a specific group of people that may be interested in a product or service. Search engines track user habits to reveal your advertisement only when the person is interested in what you have to offer. For example, if someone constantly searches for video games, and you sell used video games, your ad will show up in their browser more frequently. Company owners enjoy search marketing because it spends money wisely. Pay per click advertising ensures that a company only pays for advertising when a user clicks on its advertisement.

Search marketing is helpful for online consumers because it gives them valuable information about products and services they may be interested in. Customers are intelligent and they get frustrated when a wide range of irrelevant items are shoved in their face. Imagine a teenage boy seeing an ad for female hygiene products. Local SEO companies like Funnel Boost Media can assist you and your business in choosing correct keywords and target market.

How has search marketing affected your business? Let us know in the comments if you still use forms of traditional marketing.

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