Recent Google Algorithm Changes Causing Major Traffic Losses

shutterstock_488632870Website owners are buzzing around, trying to right their wrongs with Google. It appears that another Google algorithm or ranking update occurred, once again, without notice. The SEO underground world is sharing all sorts of dreadful stories of dropped rankings, keywords, and traffic. Some are seeing no traffic at all anymore.

During the dark morning hours of March 8, Barry Schwartz of Search Engine Roundtable says, the chatter was undeniable. Many forums experienced “massive” traffic losses. The SEO Underground came together to discuss site statuses, which all but proved that some type of major algorithm change had occurred.

Here’s the gist of Schwartz’s report on what the buzz says people are experiencing after the suspected new Google algorithm changes:

  • Keyword positions losses at 90%
  • Mobile pages no longer being indexed
  • 20,000 visits decreased to 2,000
  • Some sites disappeared from search results, while other improved or remained the same

It’s important to note that some of the webmasters said their rankings returned to their “norms” by that same afternoon. So, although it’s obvious some major algorithm changes have happened, there’s no way to determine what they mean… just yet.

And, because Google’s algorithm changes are generally intended to beat “black hat” marketers, the SEO empire won’t be giving us any hints anytime soon.

3 Tips to Prepare Your Site for New Google Algorithm Changes

One thing online marketers do know when it comes to spontaneous changes in Google algorithms is… the goal is to beat the black hat marketers. So, with that said, there are always some things you can do to make sure your site is as close to being in compliance with algorithm changes as possible.

Here are three tips to keep your site in line with Google’s rules and regulations. If you practice black hat marketing, these tips may help you get back on track after your site has been slammed by Google:

  1. Spam Links – Take control over what sites you allow to link to your site. If it’s spammy, way out of your niche or a scam, DO NOT allow the backlink to your site… EVER.
  2. Keyword Stuffing Google loathes this. Although it takes quality SEO to improve website traffic, Google’s wants to flood its search engine results with quality content. So, write to the people, but be sure your keywords exist.
  3. Duplicate Content – Let’s face it if two sites are saying it exactly the same way, one is a plagiarizer. Therefore, you will be slammed by Google.

Professional SEO Services for Google Algorithm Slams

If you think your site has been hit by Google’s latest algorithm changes, you’re probably right. Quality online marketers are already working hard to get a handle on the changes effecting rankings.

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