Is PPC Marketing Worth Investing In?

ppc worth investingPay per click marketing is well past it’s hayday since most people on the internet skip over ads and go straight for the content. But does this mean that all pay per click marketing techniques are useless? Do you completely waste your money if you invest in pay per click advertisements? The answer is no, but you just have to invest in the right kinds of pay per click marketing.

Let’s learn how you can decipher between good pay per click marketing and bad. Which options should you choose in order to get a return on your investment?


Giving Something Away for Free

Companies often direct customers to their product when using pay per click marketing techniques. Unfortunately, when internet users click on something and immediately see that they need to buy a product, they’re more likely to click the Back button. People think the internet should be free, and they are more likely to give you an email if you offer something free in return. Give out a free consultation or a free eBook that helps people understand your industry.


Create a Way to Stay in Touch with People Who Click Through Your Ads

Pay per click ads are great for target marketing, but what happens after someone clicks through your ad? It’s a lot harder to generate a new customer than it is to convince a current customer to purchase more from you. Ensure that anyone who clicks through your ad has a way to get emails or notifications from you. Get email addresses from people or require an RSS feed sign up in order to receive your free giveaway.


Get in Front of People who Are Actually Looking for Your Product

When setting up your pay per click campaigns are you just scattering your ad throughout the internet? If you don’t actually target people who are interested in your product you are bound to receive a large amount of curiosity clicks, or clicks from people that don’t intend on buying anything. This destroys your investment, and turns a good pay per click campaign into something useless.

If you are working with a local SEO company or marketing company, ask them how they target market people who are interested in your product or service. Understand the metrics used and the past success rates before investing any of your money. Do a test run, and view where your pay per click ads are showing up. Adjust your campaigns if they aren’t targeting the right people.


Now it’s your turn to share with everyone. Let us know in the comments how you feel about pay per click advertising campaigns. Do you have experience with them? Tell us about your successes and failures. Share some tips and points that we might have left off this list.

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