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The Amazing Benefits of Creating Custom Landing Pages

June 21, 2017
Ryan Duncan
The primary objectives of a custom landing page are to present data in a unique way and send the visitor back to the main site for the aimed conversion. However, creating a website can be tedious work, regardless of industry...
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Recent Google Algorithm Changes Causing Major Traffic Losses

April 9, 2017
Ryan Duncan
Website owners are buzzing around, trying to right their wrongs with Google. It appears that another Google algorithm or ranking update occurred, once again, without notice. The SEO underground world is sharing all sorts of dreadful stories of dropped rankings,...
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How Blackhat SEO Harms Your Business

September 23, 2016
Ryan Duncan
What is Blackhat SEO? Blackhat SEO is a combination of disapproved practices that can boost a page’s ranking in a search engine results page. Some tactics that are commonly looked at as black hat SEO practices are the following: Hidden...
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How Blog Posts Keep Your Website On Page One

September 13, 2016
Ryan Duncan
How does a web search work? What needs to be done to a website for it to appear on page one of a Google search? What about Page 2? How can you increase the odds of being on page one...
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How Do Ad Blockers Change Online Marketing?

August 1, 2016
Ryan Duncan
If you are someone dealing with online marketing in some capacity, the chances are good that ad blocking is relevant to you. Whether you have already noticed a drop in ad success or not, experts say that the ad blockers...
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