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What Is An Internet Marketing Funnel?

April 9, 2016
Ryan Duncan
At its most basic definition, an internet marketing funnel is a type of marketing strategy. It’s called a funnel because there is a constant inflow (or funneling) of leads until a connection is established with the user. Much like a...
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San Antonio Needs to Lead The Way In The Digital Age

March 21, 2016
Ryan Duncan
According to Statistic Brain, 53 percent of small businesses in 2014 have websites to market their product and services. This is a surprisingly low number considering most people find what they need by simply opening up Google and typing in...
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What Does it Mean to Go Viral?

October 20, 2015
Ryan Duncan
We have all experienced it before: someone “discovered” something really funny (i.e. a funny cat video) and sent it to all of their friends. Their friends also thoroughly enjoyed it and, therefore, shared it with their friends. This one funny...
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How to Decide if You Need a Company to Program a Piece of Software for You

September 6, 2015
Ryan Duncan
Is your company growing faster than you expected? Do your employees find it difficult to complete a simple everyday task? These are questions that every small business manager should ask in order to find a solution. Software options such as...
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Video Marketing Suggestions You Need To Study

August 20, 2014
Marketing with video is certainly a individual way to get up-close and private with buyers, on an normally far-away and cold Web. This short article will offer some elementary advice on employing marketing with video like a very effective organization...
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