Optimize Your Site by Maintaining Perfection

shutterstock_99298904SEO, or search engine optimization, helps your website with positioning. Building your site means it is important to have a web presence that yields you more income. Leaving the basics aside, the main aim of SEO is not cheating the search engines, instead creating an excellent user experience. You can communicate your intentions to the search engines and they will help your website in appearing in the relevant searches. Funnel Boost Media is a local SEO company that can help fully optimize your site and it’s local SEO needs.


What do Search Engines look for?

Search engines do their best jobs by referring users to specific content and websites that are most relevant to the users.  You must know how the relevancy is determined. The content is found on your site’s page titles, text and descriptions.  The speed of your site determines the performance.  The content to your website is viewed and compared to other sites. Is it safe? Does it offer easy navigation? The bounce rate is also looked at.


Search Engines Do Not Consider:

Search engine crawlers store data, so if you try some tricks, you will hurt yourself. Maybe this will not be immediate, but in the long run, you will have a setback.  The unwanted tricks are stuffing keywords, which means overuse of keywords. Likewise, buying links will not serve your SEO well. Making it user friendly is the key. If your website has too many ads, so that the content is difficult to read, your bounce rate will increase.

Keyword strategy is important to implement, but it must extend to other platforms off-site. This is one of the key reasons that you must consider multi-channel optimization. These platforms include Email, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Offline like TV ads and radio. These platforms are helpful only if you are consistent with keyword phrases. It assists in branding efforts and also helps users in using specific phrases.


Consistency in Domain Names

The overall foundation is based on the domain naming. Hence, as a best practice, use sub-directory root domains. Some best domain name practices are all about having consistent domains. To have effective results, maintain consistency. Old domains are good and you may buy an old domain, provided you ensure the previous owner had a clear name and has nothing to affect the domain. Having keywords in the domain helps you too. You can optimize your desktop experience by focusing on tablets, other media and mobile optimization.  You may create rich media content; optimize non-text content so that it enables the search engine to see. Ensure you use the best practices. This will give your site credit as it is easy for the search engines to crawl.


Your content should have Meta descriptions and title tags. Meta descriptions need to be unique and must refer to the specific page. Likewise, the title tags also must be between 4-8 words, so that it entices readers to click and read.

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