Off-Page SEO Ideas

Ryan Duncan

how to off page seoAs a web designer, and SEO it is important to keep up with the dynamics of the industry you work in. The landscape of technology and endless search engine algorithm changes seems to morph before our eyes on a daily basis. Google alone has put out 3 major algorithm changes this year so far. Keeping up with these new rules and advancements can be a full-time gig. As much of what has changed, there are also some permanent solutions to make sure you stay on top of your off-page search engine optimization, and become increasingly invincible to these changes. Avoid the black hat SEO and hire a local SEO company to do the dirty work for you, I promise it will pay off in the end.

Blogging has always been considered an easy and popular way to promote you and your business online. Matt Cutts has increasingly stated that quality content is how to make the search engines love your website. Blogging is certainly a way to give your business a good impact in the online world. Through blogging, you can create hundred of pages of relevant content about your particular niche/industry. Besides this, you will also encourage your visitors to interact with your company and get their feedback. Blogging is also a great way to spread word-of-mouth, or in this digital age; create a sense of viral-ness by sharing, liking, and commenting your blog posts on social networking sites.

Another idea to help your off-page SEO is social bookmarking. This is a tactic that has been around for a few years in the search engine optimization world. Some would argue that this medium is dying. I, however, would argue that it is only growing and building steam. Social bookmarking is the way of the future, just as social networking. They go hand in hand with the new world we live in. The only thing I think that is changing, is how the search engines count these votes. As SEOs, we need to make sure that all of our social bookmarks are more natural, and coming from around the world (or targeted cities/states). Most SEOs are spamming social bookmarking websites as they have no idea how to use them, leading the search engines to distrust your site.

Another way to increase your off-page SEO is to utilize the haven of free mobile application development. Three quarters of cell phone users own a smartphone, allowing them to download any available app within its store and use freely on their device. With the introduction of Android and other free operating systems, you can manufacture some applications or widgets which are consistent with your website. After the development is handled, you can freely post a link back to your website, creating more authority. You can invite your own personal social network to use the app, and have it spread through advertising or word-of-mouth. Advertise the product using free or paid methods on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or other social networking sites.

These are just a few ideas on how to increase your immortality with algorithm changes in the search engines. Remember that quality content is the only thing that will save your site in the future; but not just quality content on your website. Make sure to create and share that article, press release, or other piece of work elsewhere in the webosphere. Create a level of trust with the search engines by not overly spamming your link profile or using devious tactics.

Have any other off-page search engine optimization ideas that will last the tests of time? Feel free to share them in the comments section below.

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