Mobile App or Website | Which Should Your Company Build First?

website design responsiveDoes your company have a mobile app? What about a website? Do you have both? These are items that every company should have, but what if you only have enough money to pay for one?

This is an interesting dilemma, because most people find your company by going straight to a search engine, but the majority of interactions on a phone are completed through mobile apps. The answer to this question is a website for various reasons, but let’s take a look at why. Simply creating a website is not enough to make it better than having a mobile app. We might even argue that having a mobile app is better than having a standard website.

Learn how you can modify your website to make it worthwhile in the mobile world, and why a website is still more important than a mobile app.


The Mobile Optimized Website

The primary reason having a website is still more important than a mobile app is because you can turn your website into a browser based mobile website. If you website is not optimized for mobile devices, AKA it doesn’t have a responsive design, then you might as well just have an app since most people use their phones to access the internet anyway. But if you have a website you can turn it into a responsive site or redirect to a mobile browsing option. In this case all of the same information is transferred to the mobile device, but your customers see larger buttons and more readable text, instead of having to zoom in and squint their eyes for tiny text.


Mobile Apps Do Add More Value

Although we think that a mobile website is better if you’re low on cash, the mobile app comes up strong with additional value. You never want to skimp on value when it comes to your customers, and a mobile website just doesn’t have the features that a mobile app does. Apps can be downloaded through an app store and can access features of the user phone. This means that you can send push notifications whenever a new product comes out or you have a special event coming up.

Share galleries and let people make reservations with just a few simple clicks. You’ll never find these options on a mobile website, and for good reason. Stick with an app if you want these features, but if you’re presses for cash go with the mobile site. And if you just can’t decide which will benefit your business more Funnel Boost Media, a local SEO company can help you decide and design your mobile app and/or website.


Now it’s your turn to share with everyone in our community. Let us know how you feel about websites and mobile apps. Do you think one or the other is more important nowadays? If you had the choice between a mobile app and website, which would you choose? Share in the comments and let us know if we missed any points.

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