Mobile App Creation Tips You’ve Never Heard Of

shutterstock_248776741When you create a mobile app it becomes prevalent that you know exactly what you’re talking about online. You show people who are technologically advanced that you are reaching out to them and trying to figure out exactly how they want to receive their content online. Mobile apps allow you to send content directly to people’s phones through push notifications and other options that you when peeled to do with the standard website. There are plenty of mobile app creation tips online that repeat standard practices. We want to explore mobile app creation tips that you’ve never heard of.

Let’s take a look at some of these mobile app creation tips and understand exactly how they can help you improve your exposure online and understand exactly what people want in terms of a mobile app.

Think About Location Based Notifications

One of the best things about smart phones is that you can tap into where your customers are moving at any time. They are essentially personal tracking devices that allow you to figure out exactly where your customers are at any time. With this, you can use location based notifications so that your customers can receive a coupon or promotion whenever they walk into a certain vicinity. Let’s say for example that you run a hot dog stand in the middle of New York City. When the lunch hour rolls around you might want to send out a notification whenever someone walks within five miles of your hot dog stand.

Get in All of the App Stores

You might not realize this but getting in all of the app stores is so important. There are plenty of android users and plenty of iPhone users so that you can almost double your reception when you get in both of these app stores.

Design an App That Only Includes Sales Pages

This is a unique idea that allows you to push people directly to your sales pages with out including any fluff that you might find on a traditional website. When I say this I mean that you should skip the about section, skip the FAQs and anything else that might just distract people from the products or services you are trying to sell. Provide large buttons on the home screen that people can immediately go to your sales pages and purchase what they want.

Let us know in the comments section below if you have any questions about building a mobile app. Have you built a mobile app in the past or hired another company to build app for you? Explain your experience and let us know if you think that the money was well spent in order to get more customers through your doors.

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