Marketing Trends that Will Take Over in 2017

shutterstock_5275205652016 brought plenty of new innovations in the way of online marketing, skyrocketing the number of opportunities for businesses to increase their web presence. The industry didn’t stop there, however.

2017 has also opened the doors for a new wave of ideas and marketing trends. The best way to stay on top of the game is by forging ahead taking on the latest trends before the competition beats you to the punch! For that reason, it’s important to become well-acquainted with the marketing trends that are big now and will be big in the future.

Get ready to take on online marketing with these creative strategies.

Data Visualization Instruments

For anyone in the marketing field, data is golden. After all, knowing the interests and online behavior of customers is key to our success — without gaining this information, we are far less effective. The essential part of this comes in the form of being able to decipher the meaning behind the data. To help us out, there are now several tools available to help break down the numerical information and bring things to the light.

Data tools are going to only get more popular in 2017, and it would be wise to jump on board. Technology is getting more and more advanced, and businesses better keep up. Why not have access to knowledge of your customer that can change the way you do business?

An Amplified Reality

Everyone knew about Pokemon Go because it was literally all over the internet. Especially if you have children, most likely they were into it at some point or another. Who would have thought that Pokemon Go would be such a hit so quickly?!

While it may not be as popular as it was in its beginning stages, the app has changed two things about the way we look at online marketing. First of all, it is clear proof of people’s interest in experiencing an augmented reality. Secondly, marketers now can see in no uncertain terms how much profit is in this area. In the future months, it is likely that we will see more and more apps, games, and ads that involve augmented reality.

Keep Your Advertisements Natural

Making a brand appear natural is what many people have been doing for several years. There is nothing new about this trend, and it is quite valuable. When it comes to marketing, you have to always look for a unique way to get consumers’ attention, keeping in mind that your competition is always in their face.

Live Video Streaming

Watching live video content is becoming more and more popular. Live streaming means you get to see something you are interested in real time. You are right there, a part of the experience as it is happening.

Over the past several years this new trend has grown so much that it is taking over social media. People are now streaming live video not only on their computers but over their cell phones. Now you see numerous apps taking advantage of this. With all the changes that have occurred in the world of social media, we are certain that in 2017 streaming will be a huge hit in the marketing industry.


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