How to Make Your Website Appear on the First Page of Google Using SEO

SEO is short for search engine optimization. It describes a process of optimizing your website for better visibility on search engines, especially Google. However, it is important to understand that no one can guarantee first spot ranking of any website . This is because the algorithm Google uses in ranking changes pretty frequently. But, there are basic requirements that websites must meet in order to rank successfully.

On-Page Optimization: The Textual Content of Your Website

On-page optimization is perhaps the most important part of SEO. The phrase “content is king” is derived from this concept. To improve your site’s ranking, it must contain engaging, informative and quality content. This means that your web pages must be optimized for the keywords you’re hoping to rank for online.

Before now, many websites stuffed their content with keywords and that incurred penalties from Google. The keywords must appear naturally in your post and must make sense.

Google My Business for Further Reach

If you’re a brand or business, you will need to register and configure your website with Google Search Console and Google My Business. These services will inform Google about your business using the channels designed within the platform.

It is easier to rank for specific and unique terms than for non-specific and popular keywords. Pick a distinctive brand name and build your online reputation consistently.

SEO Keyword Campaigns

Keyword research is a basic part of your SEO campaign. A good way to find out how certain keywords are performing in the various search engines is to use Google Keywords Tool. There are also a few other premium tools available online like MOZ and SEMRUSH.

Competitive SEO keywords are harder to rank for because you will be dealing with authoritative sites. These brands have already built their rankings for these keywords over the years.

On-Site Optimization

On-site optimization refers to the internal links on your site directed towards specific web pages, indexed pages, and sitemaps. Google recommends that your website is linked and sorted out in a way that allows satisfactory user experiences.

Your website’s navigation structure must help users find their way around your website quickly and easily. If many internal links point to a specific page on your site, Google will conclude that the page is important.

Off-Site Optimization

Off-site optimization refers to the links coming into your site from other websites that direct to a specific target page. Also termed link building, getting quality backlinks to your website is a good way to get on the first page of Google.

Black Hat SEO practices may help you build the links, but you’ll end up losing valuable organic traffic when search engines penalize you and your rankings drop. Ensure you stay away from low-quality backlinks.

Sponsored Online Listings

To rank for competitive keywords, it is a good idea to pay Google for high rankings using Google AdWords. These sponsored listings are the fastest way to get your website to appear on Google’s first page.

When creating ads in Google AdWords, SEO keywords are vital. You also want to create “clickbaity” titles or something that causes users to want to “click thru” to the content.

Other Recommendations for First Page Google Rankings

Mobile responsiveness is the key to success from 2017 well into the future.  Google recommends that every website has a mobile version to improve user experience on mobile devices.

Sites that are not responsive will soon be slammed by Google and other search engines if they haven’t been already. This means search engines will no longer send traffic to your site based on SEO keywords.

Other tips to help improve your search engine rankings include:

  • Avoid duplicate or plagiarized content at all cost
  • Link out to high-quality websites, relevant to your niche
  • Ensure optimum user experiences and build trust, to keep users coming back
  • Optimize your website’s images with the appropriate alt tags (because search engines can’t see pictures)

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