Is Your Website in Need of a Redesign

we designIt seems like every 10 years or so websites start to look a bit more modern than they were in the previous decade. It becomes frustrating as a business owner when you notice that all of the websites around you suddenly look better than yours. This is a huge deal because many customers take a look at website and immediately determine their opinion on whether or not you are professional enough or not. Your image online is everything nowadays, because everyone finds their information on the Internet and searches on Google to locate businesses that are in the area.


The good news is that websites are not all that expensive nowadays, and you can contact the company to complete websites for you in a reasonable time. Let’s take a look and figure out if your website is ready for redesign.


Your Bounce Rate is Higher Than Usual

A bounce rate indicates how quickly people leave your site after they just visited. If you have something like Google analytics implemented on your website then it is quite easy to understand how many people land on your website and leave almost immediately. Maintaining a low bounce rate is important because it gives you an idea that people see your site and are interested in the content that you have to offer. It’s also common for people to leave the site once they see that looks old and undesirable.


People Don’t Stick Around on the Site

Another statistic to keep an eye on when considering a website redesign is how long people stay on your site and absorb the contact. If you have up poorly designed website, or an outdated website, then people might consider looking for competitors if they are trying to purchase your products or services on a consistent basis. People don’t want to constantly have to look at poorly a designed website.


Customers Let You Know or Joke About the Site

Although some customers find it funny when you have a poorly designed website, this is a bad indication for your future business. You might have a solid customer base that will never leave you regardless of your website, but if a loyal customer walks into your storefront and cracks a joke about your website, then what are people who don’t know about your company going to think? I would assume they would think that your company is not interested in spending time or money on a new site. How does this reflect your products or services?


Have you ever redesigned your website in the past? Share your thoughts and let us know if you have any intention of contacting a website design company to make your business a little more approachable on the Internet.

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