How Instagram Can Benefit Your Business

instagram photo sharing siteDon’t be fooled by all the pretty filters and the never ending supply of images of males with their shirts off. Instagram is actually a great tool for online marketing as it is one of the largest social media platforms with a reach of over 100 million users. A lot of local SEO company’s like Funnel Boost Media, can handle your social media marketing needs as well as SEO.  Social media marketing is pretty impressive and it’s only continuing to expand further. The fact that it is connected with Facebook gives you an instant method of connecting with existing and potential customers on two mediums. Now you can understand why Instagram is vital and can benefit any business.

How Marketing On Instagram Is Different To Facebook

Although they belong in the same household there are major differences between marketing on Facebook and Instagram. Facebook is often seen as the older and more formal option of social media marketing. You even have the option to run ads through Facebook while this is yet on option with Instagram. Marketing through Instagram relies on building a profile with many Instagram followers. The more Instagram followers you have the more you can convert to visiting your website. However, it is not as simple as telling them to check you out or asking them to share it among friends like with Facebook. To get your Instagram followers to view you website you must be creative with your posts. Get them intrigued and wanting a taste of more.

Remember to fill out your Instagram profile and include links to your webpage. It is pointless to work hard on posting when your Instagram fans can’t find your website. This is something many people often forget as they get caught up in generating content. You have to make it easy for your followers as once the moment has pass they may not be inspired to visit again for a while.

How To Market Your Business On Instagram

As mentioned above marketing on Instagram is different to Facebook. You don’t have the option to run ad campaigns. It is all about content and sharing. The more your work is share the more Instagram followers your can attain and this will build your brand over time.

Marketing on Instagram may not convert directly into a sale but works more towards brand loyalty and lasting customer relations. Instagram followers like to see what your business is all about and by showing them this you can build customer attachment. After seeing your brand multiple times then they will be inspired to check out your business as trust has been formed.

How To Get More Instagram Followers

Instagram marketing is all about getting more Instagram followers and building brand awareness. Some techniques may or may not work for certain types of businesses. However there are tested methods that will generally help promote most businesses.

Get your customers involved by creating a unique hashtag they can use when posting photos of themselves using your product or service. This is the best form of recommendation online as it’s honest and visual. A good example of customer engagement is how Lululemon encourages their customers to post photos through hashtag #thesweatlife.

Make use of the video feature, as it is a really great way to express your business while keeping things informal. Consider funny videos when promoting your business as humor is shared the most. The more shares the more new Instagram followers you will attain therefore expanding your network.

Many people consider buying Instagram followers to help build their online image faster. This may have a social proof effect and may get people checking out your profile but it does not help with user engagement. It will only increase your numbers and should be used in conjunction with other marketing techniques.


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