In-House vs Outsourced Online Marketing

As a business owner trying to market online, there are a lot of aspects to think about when it comes to creating your online presence.  The most important of these is “Who are you going to hire for your online marketing and development needs?” There are a lot of posts out there that cover this topic but there never seems to be a clear cut choice between the two. I will begin by stating that this article is no different.

It’s a difficult procedure to choose how to handle who you’re going to pay for all your web development and internet marketing needs. The ideal choice would be to have someone in-house that is well versed in all the markup languages and codes, and also very well at the online marketing. But these kind of people are far and few between. You may find a local SEO company that is great at online marketing, Pay-Per-Click, email marketing, SEO, and other campaigns, but is horrible at developing new landing pages, creating forms, and new websites. You may also find the opposite of this; someone who can develop, but doesn’t have the first clue when it comes to marketing. Hiring these people can actually cost you more money in the long run due to the amount of time and education they have to spend when creating new pieces to your marketing campaigns. However; with this additional investment you will have great control over the final product and the results will usually end up in your favor.

As for outsourcing your online marketing and development, the control over the outcome is little to none without investing great sums of money into the company of your choice. The average rate of an outsourced company is three to four times that of an in-house employee. The benefits to outsourcing can outweigh the costs though. A well established company that does search marketing, web development, and optimization, for example, has employees within their organization that are well versed in all the scripts, markup languages, and coding. This expertise will not only create fast turn around times on your web development projects, but generate higher results in your marketing campaigns because of their extensive experience. Most outsourcing companies do things the proper way and deal with projects in a 1-on-1 basis to design custom campaigns geared towards your business.

High costs can equal exponentially higher returns, but what about those simple projects? My best advice for companies in San Antonio is to flexible with your business structure to be able to do both. Hire an in-house employee and pass on the larger more complex projects to an outsourced company. Introduce these two aspects of your company and have them collaborate together in future online marketing en devours or web projects. In the end, there is not always one solution that’s best fit for every business. It’s about finding that perfect balance to create the best results.

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