How to Improve Your Company’s Website Design

website design colored pencilsIf you own an online business and are scratching your head as to why you don’t have many internet sales, then maybe you need to give some thought towards the structure and functionality of your website’s design. As much as your business idea should be unique, your website should also be unique in terms of design and layout. Even if you have steady sales and you have a lot of traffic driving to your website, it is still very important to ensure that your website design is optimized to keep visitors engaging with the site and traveling down the online marketing funnel.

The first thing to do for the design is to make sure your website loads quickly. Internet users have little patience with the loading of a webpage. The most a visitor will wait averages around 5 seconds. With slow internet connections, your website could two, three, or even four times as long to load simple text, which irritates visitors. If your site breaks the 5 second rule, check to make sure each page does not include high resolution images first. High definition and flashing images and animated graphics take time to load, but is the largest culprit in browser rendering times. IF your site takes longer than 15 seconds to load, you may be losing up to 80% of potential website visitors. Another important thing to remember when optimizing your company’s website design, is to minimize the number of pop-ups throughout the site. Regrettably, there are still many website designs and webmasters who go overboard with pop-ups, which irritates website visitors.

The most important aspect of improving a company’s website design is making the user interface simple and easy to navigate. Each page should be no more than 3 clicks away from any other page. Having an easy to use navigation throughout the website’s design encourages your visitors to complete the goal, and make it to the end of the marketing funnel. New as well as old visitors should be able to easily find what they are searching for on your site.

Add a sitemap link to the footer of your site. This let’s everyone know what pages are listed on your website in one easy to see page. This is great for web design and SEO alike as it will make the search engines find all the pages your site has to offer, increasing your popularity in the search engines. A local SEO company can be helpful in optimizing your website so that it ranks within the first few pages of google’s search results.

Keep the color scheme, or theme, of your company’s website design simple. Limit your website to three to four colors, and use them wisely. If you have many flashing colors throughout the website, your visitors are likely to get distracted and not complete the funnel. Fonts should be visible and the background of your website should not distract from the actual content.

Keep this tips in mind when designing your next website, or overhauling your company’s current website design. Any additional tips are welcomed in the comment section of this post.

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