Improve Your Company’s Exposure On Twitter

Do you run a Twitter account to connect with your customers?

Are you having trouble creating interaction, follows or retweets?

Twitter is an interesting breed of social media sites, since it requires you to minimize the amount of words you share while still providing value to your followers. If you don’t provide enough value then people won’t be interested in what you have to say. Some companies wonder why they put so much time into their Twitter account when it doesn’t seem to be doing anything.

How can you improve your exposure on Twitter and convert followers into actual customers by creating lots of interaction?


Post Consistently

Many small business owners find it difficult to post on their Twitter account on a regular basis. After all, you have to run your regular business functions before diving into social media. One way to post consistently is to use plugins that automatically tweet your old blog posts. This recycles old posts and keeps them relevant. Why send all your old blog posts to the archives when you can use them for something? There are also various services that automatically retweet people you follow. Don’t just automatically retweet anyone. Rather select an expert in your industry and make sure they are always tweeting something of value.


Create a Schedule

One of the biggest reasons small business owners end up leaving their Twitter account idle is because they don’t have a set schedule. It’s important to select a day of the week and spend 30 minutes to an hour and schedule your tweets for the entire week or month. This cuts down on the stress of posting every single day and provides a constant flow of content.

A great tool for scheduling tweets is Hootsuite. You can connect all of your social media accounts and schedule whatever tweets you want. You can also manage retweets and messages to connect with your customers and gain a stronger following.


Connect with Experts in the Field

The best internet marketers and bloggers in the world will tell you one thing to gain the most exposure out of any other technique. You need to connect with industry experts who have a strong following on Twitter. If you consistently tweet their posts or ask them questions they are more likely to share something that you post. This puts your tweets in front of thousands of their followers and exposes your brand to a whole new segment of people.

Need help improving your twitter presence? A local SEO company like Funnel Boost Media can help manage and optimize your social media account to increase traffic and popularity.



Now it’s your turn to contribute. Let us know in the comments why you haven’t had enough time to build your exposure on Twitter. Let us know if you think we missed anything on this list and what Twitter techniques have worked best for you.

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