Importance of Social Marketing Online

Are you starting to notice the trends in every day life? Less kids playing on the streets of your neighborhood. Less people traveling to malls and shopping centers. Childhood obesity on the rise. More and more brands telling you to like them on Facebook and follow on Twitter.

social marketing online facebook twitter networking

These are just a few examples of how our culture is beginning to change before our eyes. The real world and digital world are merging faster than ever. In the pre-digital era a theory by Robin Dunbar remained true that we could only manage around 150 relationships in our lives. Now that we live in the time of Facebook and Twitter, I suspect that number has doubled or tripled. It is common place to find users with 500-800 friends on any given social network. And with information flowing at the speed of now, the social web can make or break your brand.

First of all, if your company or brand is not online then you have some major catching up to do. It is vital to place your brand online. These social networks have become the new “grassroots” movement which help spread the word of mouth marketing your business is seeking. The facet of the matter is these people communicate almost every day through these portals. They share where they’re at, who they’re with, what they’re doing, and (most importantly) what products they’re using. A happy customer posting about your companies offerings can help create a genuinely positive predisposition for your brand among that customer’s friends and followers. Maybe someone in that group will share your product/service to their friends, who might get one of those friends to show it to their friends, and so forth creating a viral marketing explosion.

It’s not just enough to be on these networks though. By setting up an account with each of these social networks your company is creating a full-time job for someone within your company to maintain and take part in these marketing avenues. A new account on a site is a promise to the consumer to take part in that network. These sites will become an extension of your costumer service offerings. Whether it’s dealing with problems or thanking consumers for their praises, it is important to develop relationships with those who are talking about you or your company.

There is a lot to learn about when it comes to your social marketing online, but the only way to truly discover what works best is to jump right in. Dive into the world of social marketing, create a consistent marketing message on these networks, and develop the relationships. These are the three main tips to starting your marketing efforts with social networking. Stay in touch with your local SEO company, Funnel Boost Media to learn more advanced social marketing tactics and other online strategies your company can employ to increase sales and awareness.

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