How to Shake Up Your Mobile App

shutterstock_255600274The world is going mobile, and your company has to embrace this mobile platform in order to stay relevant. What good is a website if half of your customers can’t view it on a mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet? A responsive website works nicely as a solution to this problem, but a mobile app provides additional value for those customers who diligently follow your company.


Let’s say you built a mobile app, or you hired a company to build it for you, and now you’re trying to figure out how you can push more people to your mobile app and even prevent customers from deleting your app minutes after it’s been downloaded.


Let’s take a look at some unique ways on how you can shake up your mobile app and ensure that people get the most out of your mobile platform.


Offer Clear Call to Actions

Why do people download your mobile app, and what sort of value does it provide? It’s common for companies to simply create a mobile app provides about information and photos to show what the company does. Unfortunately this doesn’t convert people into paying customers. It also doesn’t provide additional value because you’re not giving them away to easily purchase products or services. Offer clear call to actions on the front page of your mobile app. Include a quick call or email button or provide a reservation system that allows people to book a table in a restaurant or schedule an oil change the car shop.


Branding is Everything

Does your mobile app look anything like your website? Branding is everything in terms of mobile applications. You’ll want to ensure that your logo is clearly present on every page of your mobile app in the colors and tone reflect the branding strategy that you built for your entire company. Is the marketing copy funny or professional? Does your app style look similar to your website and other marketing documentation?


Tap Into Social Accounts So People Can Stick On One Screen

A great benefit that comes from mobile apps is the fact that people don’t have to switch from browser screen to browser screen in order to view all of your information. If you include social media accounts on your mobile app in this takes a mobile browser completely out of the equation. Consider incorporating your Facebook, Twitter and other social accounts to make it easier for customers to read your content. Funnel Boost Media is a local SEO company that can help build your online presence using social media and SEO.


Share your thoughts on how to shake up your mobile app in the comments section below. If you have any questions on how to improve conversions on your mobile app or how to get the word out about your mobile platform and please let us know we will get back to you soon as possible. Share your experiences with building mobile applications, and let us know if you’ve found any methods that help you ramp up your mobile app’s exposure.

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