How to Respond if Your Search Engine Rankings Drop

seoIt’s one of the worst things to happen to you when you start a small business. You recognize that you search your business on google or for similar keywords and your search engine rankings have dropped or never were as good as you thought they were in the first place. Maybe a new business competitor came to the market it and knocked you down, or maybe just simply never put enough work in to improve your search engine optimization rankings.


In today’s digital world it’s completely necessary to put a large amount of focus on your search engine rankings. No one goes to the phonebook anymore or browses through coupon books to see exactly where they’re going to purchase their products or services. They go to Google, they type in what type of business they are looking for her they might search their ZIP Code or their phone automatically brings up the location that they’re in.


Let’s take a look at how you should respond if your search engine rankings drop or if you never really had any search engine rankings to begin with.


Check to See If Google Changed Anything


Fortunately Google changes many of its algorithms are frequent basis. They do this to improve your search results as a consumer, but it can also be frustrating to notice your rankings fluctuate for no reason on the business end. If you follow standard search engine optimization techniques but your rankings drop randomly and you might want to check in the news and see if Google has changed one of its algorithms to weed out some bad searches are improve on its search engine.


Improve the On Page SEO for Your Site and Remove Bad Links


There are plenty of advice columns and how to improve your seal on your site and remove bad links, so go ahead and focus on the basics. Figure out exactly how you can take an hour or two hours every week to improve your SEO for your site. You might also search the Internet and see if there any bad links going to your site or links going from your site that are dead.


Talk to Search Engine Optimization Experts


Search engine optimization is not necessarily most people’s forte. If you want to improve your rankings without taking a class or spending 10 to 20 hours a week then you should hire a search engine optimization expert. Find someone in your area and trust and meet with in order to really explain your goals when it comes to search engine rankings.


Let us know in the comments section if you’ve any questions about improving your search engine rankings for your business or organization. Search engine optimization is one of those things that few people know that everyone needs to know. Consider speaking to a marketing firm that offer services and search engine optimization and implement some of the more simple techniques that allow you to turn your business and something special online.

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