How to Make Your Mobile App Better Than Competitors

shutterstock_175222595A mobile app has become mainstream, but are you utilizing your app in the most efficient way?

Do you even have an app to share with your customers and send them updates on new products and services. People love mobile apps, because it gives you all the information you want in need at the palm of your hand. You no longer have to wait until you get home or to the office to get online. If your favorite shoe company comes out with a new line, you can checkout the photos on your way to work.

If a restaurant is having a special during your lunch hour you can head on over within minutes. This is the mobile age and your small business needs to understand what makes mobile apps stand out against competitors.


A Stunning Design

You can go and get a cookie cutter design for your mobile app or you can hire a real designer who know what she is doing. What better way to brand your company and let people know who you are by finding a design that is truly unique to your company.

Develop a design that fits well into your user experience and consider the type of message you want to transmit with your design. Each color and button makes people feel a different emotion.


Not Just a Duplicate of Your Website

Most companies just think, “Hey I’ve got a website, why can’t we just make a mobile version of that?” Because you already have a website. Sure you want to make a mobile optimized version of your website so people can browse on a device, but an app provides something special in addition to your website. Websites are typically just informational, while mobile apps are used for interaction and experience.


Real Time Updates

People download apps because they can receive push notifications directly to their pocket. Think about how you can send push notification to your customers. Funnel Boost Media is a local SEO company that can assist with all your mobile app questions and needs. These notifications can mean the difference between someone deleting and keeping your mobile app. Send product or service updates. Maybe you have a new feature and want to let everyone know? Send out funny pictures or tell people about an event that they cannot miss. Push updates are like texts so everyone is excited to receive them. Step above the competition and make your brand shine.


Now it’s your turn to share with everyone. Let us know in the comments how you feel about your mobile app. If you don’t currently have a mobile app what’s holding you back from making one? If you do have a mobile app, does anyone download it and use it? Let us know if you can make it better somehow.

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