How to Decide if You Need a Company to Program a Piece of Software for You

shutterstock_122664079Is your company growing faster than you expected?

Do your employees find it difficult to complete a simple everyday task?

These are questions that every small business manager should ask in order to find a solution. Software options such as customer relationship management systems, databases or content management systems are difficult to build, but they can increase productivity drastically.

Consider hiring a programmer to design a new piece of software to make work more efficient or to open up new streams of revenue for you and your company. A local SEO company can also help boost your businesses online presence.

Let’s take a look at how you can decide if you need a company to program a piece of software for you.


Your Employees Are Asking for Something

Let’s say your employee consistently tell you that it’s difficult to swap media files in a reasonable time frame between other employees. The company firewalls have trouble with third party software and it slows down everyone’s day.

Maybe the out-of-the-box data-basing software your company uses doesn’t cater to your types of customers. In this case you may need to design a new software that makes it easier for your employees to do their jobs. Ask for polls or reviews on how you current systems work and hire a programmer if something is slowing everyone down.


Your Customers are Clamoring for Something

How often do you ask your customers about their experience? If customers constantly ask you to improve something about your products or procedures it might be a good idea to design a software that solves this problem.

Speak with a programmer and figure out a way to deliver products to customers faster. Make a software that cleans up customer service wait times and then sell it to other companies if it works great for your organization.


You See an Opening in a New Market

This ties into listening to your customers, but sometimes a new software idea just pops into your head. If it relates to your current business and you think that customers would buy it, get it programmed and ready for sale. Most people don’t have programming experience, making it more and more important start selling a great idea first. If you company finds a gap in your market, then capitalize on the idea. Create the software and increase revenue streams. It’s even nice to ask customers if they would buy the product before investing in the idea. This gives you a way to test the idea before spending loads of time and money on something that might not work.


Now it’s your turn to chat with everyone. Let us know in the comments how you feel about hiring a programmer to design a piece of software for your company. Have you ever hired a programmer to develop something for you? How did it work out?

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