How SEO is Changing

Ryan Duncan

shutterstock_189399701Lots of people are starting to think that SEO is going away for good. They make claims that too many people produce short term results and poorly linked websites just to move up the rankings and neglect the sanctity of the internet. Is it true that Google is cracking down on companies that use black hat techniques and create poor links and content? Absolutely. But to think that SEO is leaving for good is foolish.


Where would Google be if search engine optimization disappeared? It’s a company built on putting together the perfect search engine rankings when someone opens up a browser. The company works hard to refine its algorithms to help people locate content that they are actually interested in.


Let’s take a look at why search engine optimization is here to stay and neglecting it on your own site is one of the worst things you can do.


It’s turning into something different

Search engine optimization used to be about how many internal links you could get going to your website. This caused website owners to trade links with other sites in order to boost rankings. People also pumped out loads of poorly written articles or filler websites just so they could get links back to their actual websites. This form of SEO is frowned upon by Google and luckily people who do this are punished, making the internet a better place to be. SEO is now based more on quality content and the relevance of links that go in and out of your site. Are you helping people find quality content or just pushing them to your product pages?


Google Loves SEO

Google is a search engine company. Sure they have other products, but most of their income comes from ads on their search engine results. They can’t give this up and there’s no need to. People enjoy using search engines. It revolutionizes the world, and if they have to filter through a few poor search results, it’s still worth it. Google is still going to check up on sites that use SEO and give them an edge if it’s a quality site.


How Else Would the Search Engines Find You?

We know that people won’t stop using search engines, so how would you propose that search engines find people? The engines need some sort of data to look over in order to categorize sites and see if they are relevant to searches. This is why photos need proper SEO, because search engines can’t read photos. The language for search engines is text, and although some people might try to ruin it for others, Google is a smart company and is slowly working to weed those people out. If all this still confuses you let an expert handle it. Funnel Boost Media is a local SEO company that can help build your fully optimize your site’s based on its local SEO needs.


Let us know in the comments how you feel about search engine optimization. Tell us if you think its leaving or if you think it will be around for good. Explain your viewpoint in the comments section.

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