How Important Are Keywords?

Ryan Duncan


The tricky thing about the internet is the fact that people don’t explore it like they do in the real world. If your website isn’t where people are going to see – such as on Google or elsewhere, then it will not be seen amongst the millions of other websites out there. This is why companies need Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Most people find new websites via Google or another big search engine. Keywords help to optimize your site to make it pop up in higher rankings on a Google search. This doesn’t vary by industry, content, or type of media; keywords make a difference for everyone on the internet. The ‘key’ to using keywords is doing it right — just having one word over and over again on your website is so ‘90s, and nowadays only ends up hurting your results.

Traffic and competition

When working with SEO and researching the best use of keywords for your website, it is important to learn a bit more about traffic and competition. If you didn’t already know, traffic is the number of people who have specifically searched for this particular keyword every day. The tricky thing about keywords is that they are being fought over by lots of other sites as well — this is the competition.

How to beat the competition

The key to beating your competition is to be the only participant in your own event. Find a “long-tail keyword” that is much more unique, but still likely to be searched. Use a long and specific phrase that points to your website. This will lead to a higher ranking web site in Google since other sites will not be trying to optimize their site for this keyword (or rather, a key phrase). This will cause your website to receive more visits than you would expect.

Keywords in context

Once you have found a few keywords that will work for your website or business, don’t start writing an article that includes the phrase or word dozens of times. This approach does not work, as search engines are designed to ignore these websites that are clearly spamming the keyword. High keyword density does not create high rankings on Google.

A better route would be to use just a couple of keywords only a few times in each article. If words or phrases differ slightly from there, or if synonyms come up, let it flow naturally in order to achieve the ultimate content optimization.

Researching keywords

Researching keywords is equally important to planting them into your website content. You will need to do some self-education on how to find the keywords that will work in the first place. Remember your target audience and what your business is all about. Some business owners simply outsource this part of the job, which can be a really effective way to handle it. Downloading software is also an option, but there are other methods out there for finding the best keywords for your website.

You will need to fully understand how keyword usage and optimization works in order to have the chance to compete in the cyber world. For the payoff, the cost in time is well worth it.

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