How Google’s Penguin Algorithm Update Changed Search

penguin google algorithm changeThe Google search engine is an industry leader in internet search. That is why it comes as no surprise that any changes in their algorithm would significantly change search at large. Hiring a local SEO company can help your business stay up to date with google’s algorithm updates. Over the past few years, Internet users have seen changes in their search results. Results are getting more relevant and more useful. Competing search engines are fighting to rid their results of websites that harm or provide no usefulness to internet visitors. Google’s penguin algorithm is the latest in their toolkit for keeping search relevant.

Why Update Search

In the beginning, the Internet was full of information that was fairly easy to find. As the popularity of the Internet increased, and more websites were launched, a search engine that could help users find what they were looking for became more necessary. Google was launched in 1997 as a method of indexing the information that can be found online into a simple form where people could locate it.

Just as Google was created to address the growing Internet, profit websites were also rapidly being created. These websites recognized the power of being listed higher on search engines such as Google, and quickly developed mechanisms to help ensure that happens. Search engine optimization was born and the search engine was changed from a resource connecting people with content to an enforcer of content online.

Why Search Matters

Every website wants to be seen. With the amount of people that goes online nowadays, it makes very little sense for a website not to focus on being ranked favorably in a search engine. With so many websites, it is unlikely that visitors will find a specific one unless a search engine directs them to it. Website owners are aware of this, and now must design their websites with the search engines in mind. Now, instead of indexing the information found online, search engines are directly influencing what information is put online.

How Google Has Changed Search

Over the last decade, website owners have developed and refined techniques that help them rank higher in search results.  Some of these techniques are honest, but most of them employ a dubious method called black hat SEO.  Since 2011, Google has created specific algorithms designed at filtering and preventing these types of websites from showing up in its search.

The first algorithm released was aimed at filtering out websites that were not user friendly. This release, called Panda, removed many ad-heavy and malicious sites from Google’s search results. The second algorithm, released in January 2012, focused on sites with very little content. Google’s most recent algorithm, Penguin, has gone after the most difficult to combat technique of all- spam.

On the internet, spam comes in many forms; it can mean content spam, link spam, or even duplicate content creatively written. Google’s penguin algorithm is designed to filter out that information in order to create an Internet that is more useful- or at least only list the portion of the Internet that is.

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