Google+ Marketing Tips

shutterstock_262721210When it comes to marketing, it has been commonly predicted lately that Google+ is the next big thing. San Antonio area companies are getting into it big time, and it’s probably time you did the same. So what are some of the best ways to improve your marketing on Google+? Keep reading to find out some of the top tips.

Use Your About Page for Keywords

The great thing about your About Page on Google+ is its potential to describe you and your company. In other words, it’s a great opportunity for you to plug in some serious keywords and phrases, as well as relevant links. Make sure the entire description is optimized for SEO friendliness. The way to do this is by including specific information or phrases that people are going to search for, especially in regards to your company. If you need help making your site Google friendly a local SEO company can fully optimize your site and its local SEO needs.


Because Google+ allows bullet points, your description can be super quick and easy to read, making it the ideal place for you to list your company’s products and services. If you’re unsure about how to do this best, simply go for the trial and error routine. Give it your best shot, test the results, and track any changes. Make sure you spend time finding what works for you.

Google+ Events

You can utilize one of Google+’s features, the Events feature, to customize an invitation to your event and to send it out to anyone – even people who aren’t currently using Google+! This is a great way to get people in the know about your company and a specific event. You can even allow participants to upload photos into the event album, and then you can take them and use them to show off later.

Frequent Posting

No matter how impressive or cool your Google+ account is, you are never going to get people to look at your company unless you are posting often enough to get people’s attention. Don’t confuse frequent posting with spamming, of course, but people want to see that you and your company are active, enthusiastic, and relevant.


This has the added benefit of appearing higher in Google search results, depending on how often you are posting about relevant topics and with relevant keywords. Your posts should always include specific keywords.

Connect with Relevant People

As a social media platform, the whole point and general purpose of Google+ is to connect and network with other people who share interests or connections with you. This rule not only applies to people, but also to conversations. You can engage in conversations that are relevant both to your company and to the people who you want to have an interest in your companies. You can also find new, relevant people to help you make further connections.


You can (and should) utilize your own personal Google+ account for this purpose as well. You can use it to circle new people and introduce them to your concept and company in a non-advertising, non-intrusive way. If you have the right people on your side, your company is going to skyrocket.

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