Google Keyword Tool Going Away?

Yes, it is true. I know I am a bit late on breaking this news, but when I found out that the external keyword tool by Google Adwords was hitting the Google graveyard, I just had to post this for anyone else who may be late on this subject too.

old Google keyword seo tool

A tool used by local SEO companies and website marketers around the world is getting some updates. Google has confirmed that the Adwords Google Keyword tool is going away. Well, it’s kind of going away. The tool will no longer be accessible to users who are not logged in to their accounts. And for users who are logged in, the tool is getting an update. With an updated look, the new keyword tool will be called “Keyword Planner”.

Performing similar tasks, the defaults are switched to show you more relevant information about the keywords you are seeking. For SEOs, this can be a huge sigh of relief. Instead of showing you the “broad match” statistics of a keyword, the default is now set to an [exact match], showing the average number of times a keyword is searched. Another upgrade to the keyword tool is that it will include mobile device keyword searches as well instead of only displaying keyword search numbers about laptops and desktop computer.

new keyword planner seo tool

Keyword Planner gives more options on how to upload, sort, and view your selected keywords. This give the user some more flexibility in how to manage all this data and how it is to be displayed. Personally, I have only used the Keyword Planning tool a few times for SEO projects. There will be a tiny learning curve to find out all of the new functionality, but the old keyword tool dying off is not as bad as this post title suggests.

The new tool seems to give a lot of thought into how the world of search is changing. With new features, defaults and a redesigned user interface, SEOs, PPC managers and website marketers alike have an upgrade tool to perform keyword research and learn more at a glance than the previous Google Keyword Tool. Keyword Planner gets a 9/10 from me. What do you guys think? Let us know in the comments below.

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